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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. Close Encounters | Wildlife Photography Tips

    wildlife photography thumbnailwildlife photography thumbnail

    Fancy a walk on the wild side (photographically speaking)? Whether you’re preparing for a safari adventure or just want to hone your birding technique, our wildlife photography tips will help put you on track.

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  2. The Future is Now: Fujifilm GFX100 Launched

    photographer holding the fujifilm gfx100photographer holding the fujifilm gfx100

    Fujifilm has unveiled its incomparable new GFX100 -  a new class of mirrorless camera that transcends all expectations.

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  3. Tripods & Monopods: An Essential Guide

    man taking pictures with a tripod during a sunsetman taking pictures with a tripod during a sunset

    So much is possible when you have the right tripod or monopod. Choose yours wisely and it will both transform your shooting AND last you well into the future. Find out everything you need to know about the different styles of tripods, monopods and heads; when to use them; what to look for when buying; and tips on using tripods correctly.

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  4. Choosing the Ideal Camera Bag

    camera packpack thumbnailcamera packpack thumbnail

    There’s a lot more to the ideal camera bag than its capacity to store and protect your gear. The right style of bag can transform the way you shoot. We detail the various camera bag options and which styles are best suited to your needs.

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