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Behind every great photographer there are hours of practice and many avenues explored. At CameraPro we are committed to help every photographer in their journey, including choosing and mastering their gear.

Our events and workshops are unique opportunities to learn from experts, test new equipment or try new techniques. It’s part of the better experience we provide to our community, encouraging photographers to challenge their craft and seek new challenges.

If you are ready to be inspired and empowered, check out our upcoming events. 

What's on at CameraPro

Coffee with Olympus 

When: Monday, 23rd April 2018

Time: 9.30am, 10.45am and 11.45am sessions available 

Where: CameraPro Newstead - 232 Arthur Street, Newstead 4006

Registration: Attendance is free but registration is required. Register for your ticket here!

Let Olympus Australia buy you a coffee and get you started on your brand new PEN or OM-D!

CameraPro events

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New events are being announced soon! 

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