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Our Environmental Commitment

CameraPro’s mission has always been to do things better – not just for our customers, but also our planet. That’s why we’re committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future.

Our office runs on solar power, we use only recyclable packaging in our deliveries, and we compost or recycle as much waste as possible.

We also actively contribute to causes that we believe in. Thanks to our Basecamp Gold members, we’re helping Carbon Neutral to plant thousands of native Australian trees.

And through our annual Explorer’s Grant, we proudly enable Australian photographers and filmmakers to tell stories and support initiatives that make a difference

What our customers are saying
4.79 stars (239 Google reviews)
  1. 80%
    Brilliant lens - well worth every cent
    I didn’t quite understand the difference a lens can make. The lens is heavy and somewhat noisy when focusing but the image,color,clarity and the bokeh is something to behold and hard to achieve with a lesser lens. The difference is glaring between some older primes and this lens. Every picture looks stunning with well rendered color, great edging and creamy buttery bokeh. I’m shooting on a x-h2s and it’s a perfect combo.the focal length is perfect for portraits and at f1.2 minimises the need to hit higher ISO’s to get the shot thereby avoiding unwanted grain and noise - I’m really thankful I purchased this lens and didn’t have to spend upwards to high 2-3 thousand dollars to get similar quality from a full frame
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  2. 93%
    Canon R7 - In the Field Impressions
    I have spent two weeks taking nearly 2000 images with the new Canon R7. I have taken images in various light conditions and using two RF lenses to cover topics like birds in flight, landscapes, sunsets, waves, wakeboarding, boats etc. The two lenses I used are the RF 100-500 and the RF 14-35mm.F4. I mainly concentrated on the 100-500mm. These are my findings so far. PROS: - Fast frame rates. - Great quality images in good light conditions. - Lighter body with good grip for small to medium sized 'male' hands. - Very fast AF Tracking for birds in flight or sports action in good light. - Greater reach with APS-C sensor crop of 1.6X. - Low noise in good light conditions due to lower ISO.
    CONS: Loud mechanical shutter. - Lots of 'noise' in poor light conditions, due to higher ISOs. - AF Tracking slower or missed images in poor light conditions or lack of contrasting light.
    - Takes time to find which AF Tracking focusing 'zones' work best for various subjects and movement.
    Conclusion: I thoroughly enjoy the extra 'reach' I get and fun to use with great AF Tracking as long as you can keep ISOs to a minimum. When the tracking locks on Birds In Flight it is a joy to use.
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  3. 80%
    Fits Fuji X camera and half a dozen lenses
    Seems quite well built even though it is unfortunately made in China.
    This case can perfectly fit:
    X-S10 camera body, XF90, XF56, XF33, XF23, XF10-23, XF-16-55 and XF70-300
    Two of these lenses are still on my wish list, but would all fit comfortably inside this case.
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  4. 100%
    Ordering a second copy
    Game changer thankyou Canon
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  5. 100%
    heavy yes however sturdy and i think it doesnt move around like a lighter lense though its only a subjective opinion. i think its a great improvement over a tamron first edition lense.
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  6. 100%
    Excellent Charger + Customer Service
    Excellent Charger, Aus Plug was included, first time shopping here, excellent customer service experience, super fast shipping, received within 2 days.
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  7. 100%
    Sony CybershotnRX10nmark iv
    I purchased this camera to take on an overseas holiday as my Nikon D810 was too heavy to take on the aircraft, I thought I would have to sacrifice the quality of my photos but boy was I wrong. This camera is amazing, the quality of the images it produces is as good as my more expensive camera. The 4K video is also outstanding quality. I can't recommend this camera highly enough If you are thinking about buying this camera do it you won't be disappointed.
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  8. 100%
    For the price it is sold at, this microphone is really good. Have had it since Dec 2021 and it has not let me down in the slightest. Greate choice for people on a budget
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  9. 100%
    Nice camera and the stabilization
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  10. 100%
    Smooth Like Butter
    For a standard lens, the Sigma 28-70mm F/2.8 DG DN is such a surprise. The lens is built solidly and provides a good balance for hybrid shooters. Personally, I use mine for my video production business and I love how smooth the zoom and focus are.
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