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4.67 stars (104 Google reviews)
  1. 100%
    Best Camera for the Pro
    One of the best mirrorless cameras I have tried. Its high-performance autofocus is perfect for fast-paced photoshoots.
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  2. 100%
    Great Webcam
    I've been using the ZV1 as a webcam into my Mac since June 2020. It delivers a high quality image that many clients have commented on.

    The only drawback is that when it is plugged into the computer the charging of the camera is not enough to keep up with the amount of power the camera is using. When plugged into the computer and streaming the camera runs out of power after about 3-4 hours. It then needs to be recharged.
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  3. 100%
    The Z mount 24-200 lens on the Z6
    I have owned this for just a couple of months now. It’s connected to a Z6 and is the only lens I have on the camera. Previous to this I’ve used a Nikon 5500 with various lenses, and a P1000.

    THE Z6 with the Z24-200 lens does it all. It’s perfect for travel (no swapping in and out required) and is so amazingly fast in terms of focus, and stability! I’ve never found better.

    The lock on the lens is a great security addition, and it just ‘feels’ so solid. Manual and Auto focus is so smooth it took me be surprise. This combo makes YOU work faster, because you can! It’s a terrific combination with no other lens required (for travel), unless you specifically want to do other things. I wholeheartedly recommend this lens for the Z6 or Z7...

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  4. 100%
    The Canon M50 camera is worth buying, especially for a beginner like me.
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  5. 100%
    Good travel camera
    As a pet photographer I find this little gem suitable , however the 15-45 lens didn’t cut it. I brought a native 18-150 which I find is sharp and fast . Image quality is good , however , editing is an issue as Adobe havnt caught up with the CR3 processing . Overall I prefer the M 50 to the 80d for its portability . Not sure I would chose this for professional photography .
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  6. 100%
    Great value starting lens for Sony full frame
    Recently purchased this lens for my new A7M3. Very happy with it and the advice and service in store was great.
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  7. 100%
    Perfect for Travel
    I love travelling and I love how Sony alpha 7R Mark 4 is both portable and easy to use. I also admire the quality of every photo I take.
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  8. 100%
    Quality Camera in Handy Body
    I really love the mirrorless cameras from Sony because of its lightweight design and quality imaging.
    I used to own a Sony a7r II but after my niece dropped it during a party; I had to buy a new one, so I called CameraPro to ask for help. Since I told them I love my old camera, they suggested I upgrade and get the Sony a7r IV, which was on sale at that time btw. I am so glad I followed their suggestion!
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  9. 100%
    Portable and Dependable
    Sony, hands down, creates the best mirrorless cameras in the market and this includes the Alpha A7R Mark III. I would really recommend this to beginners and even professionals looking for a portable camera.

    I am thankful that I was able to buy one from CameraPro Australia.
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  10. 93%
    Ordered this camera last Friday and got delivered on Tuesday ! Was worried about getting a camera online but no needed to! The camera is amazing, i would buy something from here again!

    Great costumer service & fast delivery!
    Thanks so much!:)
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