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  1. 100%
    F-Stop Guru Backpack review
    I have owned this camera backpack for over a year and the criteria for me was a camera bag had to hold a drink bottle, small travel tripod, be lightweight but strong, protective storage of my camera gear and space for some clothing, snacks etc for hiking and general travel and of course be comfortable to wear.
    The F-Stop Guru is perfect for my use of amateur stills photography, carrying 1 Olympus OM-D E M1 II body, 12-40 f2.8 lens, 17mm f1.8 lens, 60mm f2.8 lens, spare batteries, small flash, filters etc.
    I opted for the Small Shallow ICU which fits the above equipment and provides plenty of space for extras in the top area while travelling. It also holds my iPad but will fit a small laptop. It will take a water bladder but I prefer a separate water bottle.
    I use the waist strap as it takes the load off my shoulders but I find when I go to clip it together, it becomes a bit loose so normally have to tighten each time, not a big issue though and only a minor gripe.
    I like that the camera gear access is via the back and general access to things via the top. It sits upright and doesn’t roll over when placed on the ground. The construction, materials, zips etc are very good, I have had no issues with the quality.
    I don’t believe there is one magic camera bag for everyone but if you are considering a dual camera bag and travel bag, I would recommend checking out this or any of the other F-Stop backpacks.
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  2. 100%
    An amazing Sport and Wildlife Camera - Sony A9
    For just over 50 years of shooting weddings, sports, functions, wildlife, portraits, pets, friends and family, in 2019, I reviewed my photography needs and switched from a lifetime of using Nikon DSLR gear to the Sony mirror-less system to enhance capturing my grandchildren's sporting activities on weekends along with photographing the majestic wedge tailed eagles that soar over my property,
    Well, after much research and deliberation, I chose the amazing Sony A9 camera with a battery grip and selection of quality Sony telephoto and wide angle zooms, macro and the brilliant 135mm F1.8 GM lens.
    The A9 is a wonderful camera for capturing sports action and birds in flight and used in combination with the camera's autofocus, tracking and 20 frames per second shooting, you are rewarded with an outcome of tack sharp "keeper" images.
    I love this A9 camera and the selection of quality Sony lenses.
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  3. 93%
    Versatile Camera
    I do a lot of run and gun video and this camera is perfect for the variety of situations that can throw at you. It's incredible low light performance and stability make it very flexible. The kit lens is also a pretty nice piece of glass for the money. Also very impressed with its stills capability when I've need to grab a few.
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  4. 93%
    Versatile Camera
    I do a lot of run and gun video work and this camera really excels in that environment because of its versatility. The low light capabilities and excellent stabilisation make it flexible when shooting on the go. Also really impressed with some of the stills I've grabbed with this on the go. Build quality is very nice as well, wouldn't be worried taking this on a shoot were it might get a little knocked around.
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  5. 93%
    A versatile workhorse.
    Purchased the S5 to shoot video & stills for online training content. There isn’t much to dislike about this compact camera. The results we have been achieving (particularly with video) has definitely lifted the quality and professionalism of our training offerings. Since owning the S5 I have recently purchased the 70 – 200mm Panasonic lens. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my purchases.
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  6. 87%
    An Awesome Video Camera
    The image quality out of the S5 is taking my work to next level, without doubling the price I have to charge. For the past four years, I've been shooting tourism videos, outdoor events, and adventure films on a Panasonic GH5 setup. I love this camera. The image quality, colour science, size, audio features and built-in stabilisation make it the perfect video camera for a one-man band, like myself. So moving up to the S5 makes this setup even better. Lots of filmmakers are worried about 4k/8k and filming in RAW or LOG. All I care about is delivering the best possible videos to my clients, on time and within budget. The functionality and image quality of the S5 is remarkable. I can't wait to test it out in the backcountry this winter.
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  7. 93%
    Very capable cinema camera
    The Panasonic S5 is a amazing camera and completely capable for the price. It’s has amazing film features that you don’t find in other cameras at this price point. I updated from the GH5 and having the dual iso is great and versatile for any lighting situation, and is one of the reasons I upgraded. The inclusion of V-log also makes this camera completely capable of really cinematic filming. Photos also look great straight out of camera and edit nicely. I mainly use the film side of this camera for marketing and videos. Overall this is an amazing versatile hybrid with amazing recording quality. The only downside would be the micro HDMI over the GH5 full sized one, however this is not a deal breaker.
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  8. 100%
    Incredible value in a small package
    The Lumix S5 is a great value-for-money camera, that offers excellent performance for photography, and equally impressive video capabilities. I've owned it for a few months now, and it hasn't yet let me down. The auto-focus was something I was worried about, however, in using it day in, day out for various photography projects and paid video jobs, it has never been an issue. It snaps quickly to faces/objects and I've noticed very minimal pulsing, even at low F stops. The dedicated video button and simple menus are the standard features for me - other than that, it's light, has great colours and has very user-friendly dials and buttons. The only thing that has become an issue is the smaller micro HDMI port, however given the size, there literally isn't room for a full size. I've been using a Ninja V for incredible 5.9K ProRes RAW and the micro HDMI hasn't presented any issues for me. Would highly recommend this camera to anyone - it's an incredibly capable mirrorless with great autofocus, ergonomic features and punches well above it's weight in specs.
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  9. 100%
    A Value-packed Hybrid Camera
    I searched for a Hybrid camera to use for small photography, video projects at work and personal use. The Panasonic S5 fitted these requirements at a brilliant price from CameraPro, packaged with the additional kit lens (20mm-60mm).

    Coming from a Canon 5D Mark IV, it had big shoes to fill. But it lacked the video specifications and quality I was after. With all the new features in the S5 (Especially video), I couldn't warrant purchasing and having two separate video and photography cameras. So the S5 has been a pleasure to use for a range of projects.

    The S5's small format is excellent, though not to small, becoming uncomfortable. Menu systems are easy to use, highly recommend if you are searching for a value-packed, affordable hybrid system.
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  10. 93%
    A very potent Panasonic
    I've filmed pro video for everything from corporate talking heads to TVCs to music festivals, and post-COVID I needed something that I could comfortably take with me on one-man band jobs. Having worked previously with the GH5 and the EVA1, I thought the S5 would be a good fit and I'm more than happy to say that was the case.

    Everything that made the GH5 a joy is here and improved; robust codecs and frame rates, excellent IBIS and rock-solid reliability. Throw in the advantages of a full frame sensor and you have a reliable performer even in low-light shooting environments. I've found the auto-focus a little more jittery than I would like, but that's hardly a dealbreaker considering just how much has been packed into the body; it's almost an S1H at almost half the price.
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