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Basecamp for Photographers

Photography is a journey, and this is your Basecamp

Photography is a journey like no other. Sometimes it takes a little guidance to find a way forward, or a community of fellow creators to share the experience with. At CameraPro, we want to be the basecamp on your creative journey.

Basecamp is both an opportunity to get better and an invitation to get involved. Every program is meant to give you real value and foster collaboration within our community. We want to create a knowledge hub for photographers of all skill levels, a place to come together and challenge one another.

So get out there and do what you love.

Where to start

We are a community built on insight and inspiration, for photographers, by photographers. Supporting the Australian photographic community for over 10 years. 

We know that photographers and storytellers have the creativity to solve problems, and the skills to record a unique story along the way. Read about the Explorer's Grant now!

Experience the CameraPro community in person by coming along to one of our regular workshops and events at our Newstead store - the events calendar is constantly updated!

Wether you're buying a new lens or wanting to dive into the world of studio photography, we have a buying guide to get you started, packed with handy tips and tricks. 

The ultimate holiday for photographers, travel to some of the world's most beautiful destinations without the crowds, and make new friends, all while improving your photography! 

Industry news, product announcements and reviews, trip reports and so much more on the CameraPro blog! Check it out online now - new blogs are published regularly.

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