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  1. Interior and Real Estate Photography: An Essential Guide

    interior and real estate photography thumbnailinterior and real estate photography thumbnail

    Want to get started in interior or real estate photography? Whether you’re looking to appeal to property buyers, spruce up your social channels, shoot magazine-worthy spreads or simply capture remarkable spaces, this guide will help teach you how to get pro results.

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  2. Master Strokes: How to Create Amazing Light Paintings with Denis Smith

    light painting photography thumbnaillight painting photography thumbnail

    Learn the electrifying art of light painting photography with master light painter and Olympus visionary Denis Smith. Check out Denis’ amazing work and simple, expert tips on gear, techniques, and planning your shoot.


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  3. Getting Started with Long Exposure Photography & ND Filters

    From dreamlike landscapes to dynamic light trails, long exposure photography can utterly transform otherwise ordinary scenes. Here are our tips on how to do it, including essential gear and step-by-step techniques. 

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  4. 5 Pro Tips for Outdoor Flash Photography: Behind the Shot with Dale Travers

    Outdoor flash isn’t just a technical necessity; it’s often a creative one, too. Get commercial advertising photographer Dale Travers’ tips on using outdoor flash to capture unique, professional shots.

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  5. 10 Tips for Photographing Cityscapes During Blue Hour

    It’s during blue hour, just before sunrise or after sunset, that colourful skies meet sparkling lights, giving cityscapes a whole different character. Learn how to capture them beautifully with these tips from Sony Digital Imaging Advocate Craig Turnbull.

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  6. The Ultimate Guide to Adventure Photography

    adventure photography thumbnailadventure photography thumbnail

    Adventure photography has taken LUMIX Ambassador Lachlan Gardiner all over the world, from outback Australia to unclimbed mountains in the remote Himalaya. Check out Lachlan’s guide to photographing amazing journeys in awe-inspiring places – and getting paid to do it.

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  7. The Art of Documentary Family Photography

    two children sitting on a tree branchtwo children sitting on a tree branch

    Whether you photograph clients’ families or your own, documentary photography captures loved ones in a way that no conventional portrait can. Learn how professional photographer Briony Walker does it, from choosing gear to dealing with different ages and personalities.

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  8. Beginner Family Photography Tips with Briony Walker

    sibling sitting on a blue chairsibling sitting on a blue chair

    Family moments become memories all too quickly, but photos can make them last a lifetime. Read mum and professional family photographer Briony Walker’s tips on how to capture beautiful, candid portraits of your family.

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  9. What You See is What You Get – If You’re Correctly Calibrated

    Calibration Guide ThumbnailCalibration Guide Thumbnail

    How can you be sure that the image you see on your camera or computer screen is the image that you—and your clients or followers—will  get? Learn more about calibration tools and colour management.

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  10. Step-by-Step Macro Photography

    macro photography blog thumbnailmacro photography blog thumbnail

    Want to know how to capture amazing macro photography? Find out with our step-by-step guide covering everything from settings to gear choice.

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