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  1. Master Strokes: How to Create Amazing Light Paintings with Denis Smith

    light painting photography thumbnaillight painting photography thumbnail

    Learn the electrifying art of light painting photography with master light painter and Olympus visionary Denis Smith. Check out Denis’ amazing work and simple, expert tips on gear, techniques, and planning your shoot.


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  2. Review | Creative Product Photography with Dale Travers & the Profoto A1

    profoto review thumbnailprofoto review thumbnail

    For a recent product shoot, commercial advertising photographer Dale Travers got creative in the studio with the Profoto A1. See how it brought Dale’s shots to life, from concept to setup and final results.


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  3. 7 Unique, Must-Photograph Australian Travel Destinations

    Dreaming of your next escape? You don’t need to travel overseas to discover extraordinary new places. Here are 7 stunningly unique places in Australia that every photographer should visit.

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  4. Grand Illusions: The Unbelievably Real Miniatures of Matthew Albanese

    Martian deserts, spectacular storms, underwater reefs and volcanic eruptions. Discover the amazing worlds of photographer and artist Matthew Albanese, where everything is far from what it seems.

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  5. The Ultimate Guide to Adventure Photography

    adventure photography thumbnailadventure photography thumbnail

    Adventure photography has taken LUMIX Ambassador Lachlan Gardiner all over the world, from outback Australia to unclimbed mountains in the remote Himalaya. Check out Lachlan’s guide to photographing amazing journeys in awe-inspiring places – and getting paid to do it.

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  6. The Art of Documentary Family Photography

    two children sitting on a tree branchtwo children sitting on a tree branch

    Whether you photograph clients’ families or your own, documentary photography captures loved ones in a way that no conventional portrait can. Learn how professional photographer Briony Walker does it, from choosing gear to dealing with different ages and personalities.

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  7. How to Solve 12 of the Most Common Lighting Issues in Photography

    Lighting has the power to transform any photograph, but good lighting often doesn’t come by chance. The good news is it only takes a little practice and some simple gear to work natural or artificial light to your advantage. Check out our tips for dealing with some of the most common lighting challenges.

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  8. The Elements of Portrait Photography

    Good portraiture involves much more than photographing someone’s likeness. Good portraiture is the subtle art of orchestrating people, equipment, light, composition and timing to tell that someone’s story. Read professional portrait photographer Dylan Goldby’s advice on crafting great portraits in various scenarios.

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  9. Fireworks Photography Tips & Tricks

    Want to shoot fireworks at their spectacular best? Learn how with our tips and tricks
    covering location, gear, composition and settings.

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  10. Top 10 Tips for Capturing Your Festive Season Party

    Photographing Christmas & New Year’s Eve events comes with its challenges, not least of all tricky lighting conditions and awkward, camera-shy subjects. Capture festive photos that you’ll cherish as much the people and events within them, with these tips from a pro wedding photographer.

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