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Studio Lighting

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It is often said that a good photographer controls their camera but a great photographer controls their light. One of the most powerful tools a photographer has access to is studio lighting and the wide range of light shaping tools such as reflectors and soft boxes that allow for precise adjustments of where and how the light falls.

Studio lighting is all about power, control and the quality of light. Using studio lights will help you to take your photography to the next level and give you the ability to create the exact mood or aesthetic you’re after.

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Studio Lighting Information

Power, Potential & Performance

High-key, low-key. Intimate portrait, elaborate still life set, crisp catalogue shots, or something that’s never been done before. With studio lighting, the possibilities are virtually endless. Better still, they’re achievable pretty much wherever and whenever you want.

While there are many cheap studio lights on the market, high quality ones offer much greater reliability and longevity, delivering accurate and consistent results time after time.

Things to Consider When Buying Studio Lighting

Compatible equipment

As with cameras, buying a particular brand of lighting often means buying into a system. Consider which accessories (e.g. modifiers, triggers, batteries) will work with that system in case you want to expand your lighting kit in future.

Power output

Expressed in watts (‘W’), the power output of a studio light determines how much light you have to play with. More power gives you more scope to slow your shutter speed, narrow your aperture, minimise your ISO, and illuminate a wider area and/or a father subject.

Number of lights required

A lot can be achieved with a single studio light. However, more lights offer considerably more potential and flexibility. They allow you to illuminate larger spaces, objects or groups of people, for example, as well as achieve more sophisticated results.


Will you be shooting in a studio, on location or a bit of both? This will help dictate whether your lighting setup needs to be battery powered, compact and/or lightweight.


You may opt to purchase a more affordable studio lighting setup to get you started, or invest in higher quality gear that will last longer and produce better results.

A photography lighting kit from the manufacturer usually offers fantastic value for money and includes a relatively comprehensive range of gear. Alternatively, you may prefer to customise your kit, acquiring individual elements as you need them.

Why Buy From CameraPro?

No matter your skill level or budget, we’ve got all your photography studio lighting needs covered with individual flash heads; portable battery-powered kits; and great value, all-in-one lighting setups with stands and modifiers.

Queensland’s exclusive Profoto stockist, CameraPro also carries quality studio lighting equipment from leading brands including Elinchrom and Aputure. We also stock a wide range of essential studio lighting gear such as remotes and triggers; light shapers (modifiers) such as umbrellas, soft boxes, grids and reflectors; and accessories such as stands, backgrounds, light meters, and gels.

We offer a full Australian manufacturer’s warranty on all stocked items, as well as guaranteed Australia-wide delivery.

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