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True to their name, speedlights (aka speedlites or flashguns) offer one of the fastest and easiest ways to illuminate a scene. Regardless of your skill level, these portable, battery-powered flash units are one of the best value investments a photographer can make. They’re affordable, compact and simple to set up, filling in shadows when needed, acting as the main light on an indoor or night-time shoot, or opening up your creative possibilities. Wedding and event photographers wouldn’t be without them, but speedlights’ size and versatility make them worthy of a spot in any photographer’s kit.

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Speedlight Information

Why Buy a Speedlight Flash?

There are several advantages of using speedlights over your camera’s built-in flash.

Camera Speedlights have more power

While built-in camera flashes provide a small burst of light, their illumination is pretty limited for any serious use. Speedlights can throw out up to 10 times more light than your camera’s internal flash can. This sheer amount of light can easily illuminate subjects that are much further away and spread more light across a wider area. This lets you use a much faster shutter speed, resulting in less blurry photos.

Saves your internal battery power

One thing about speedlights is that they have their own energy source, while internal flashes make use of the camera’s battery. This allows you to shoot a lot more and get further on a single charge of the internal battery.

Greater versatility

Speedlights provide more control by allowing you to direct lighting how and where you want.

You can also extend the reach of your lighting by placing one or more speedlights on stands and firing them remotely. This greatly expands the possibilities for creative lighting scenes, especially when using multiple speedlights.

You can direct the light in any way

Almost all modern camera speedlights can rotate and swivel. This gives you the option of bouncing the light off walls or ceilings and turning the light away from the subject. This creates softer, more natural and flattering light. Some higher end speedlights can even determine which way to swivel and tilt automatically depending on the lighting situation.

Speedlights prevent red-eye

Red-eye in photos is mainly caused by how close the flash is to the lens. While all cameras have a built-in red-eye reduction feature, the speedlight’s distance from the lens all but eliminates this problem in your photos.

Other Benefits of Speedlights

Like most cameras, speedlights can usually be set to ‘auto’ (i.e. ‘through the lens’ (TTL)) mode, or manual mode to give you full creative control. Some models have extra features such as USB charging, and built-in LED steady lights for the occasional video work.

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