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Continuous Lighting (LED)

Continuous Lighting (LED)

Our Continuous Lighting (LED) Range

LED lights have revolutionised continuous lighting for photography and video. They are lighter, more affordable, and longer-lasting than traditional halogen lamps. Many come sold with gels and additional diffusers, and some even have barn doors and an external power option.

Compared to halogen, LED lights are cheaper and offer much more control. Most LED panels are precisely dimmable and some are bi-colour, letting you easily change the light’s colour temperature. CameraPro has a wide selection of LED lights that can enhance and inspire your photos and videos.

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Continuous Lighting (LED) Information

Do I Need Continuous Lighting (LED) for Photography or Videography?

Power, Potential & Performance

If you’re doing any type of video work, continuous lighting (such as LED) is a virtual necessity. Most cameras can only focus well in video mode while there is a constant amount of light.

However, due to the versatility of continuous lights, more and more people are using LED lights for still photography.

Continuous Lighting vs Flash

There are numerous benefits to both continuous lighting and flash (strobe). The speed and power of flash makes it suitable for freezing motion, overpowering ambient light, illuminating a faraway subject, and shooting at narrow apertures. Its prevalence means there are lots of modifier options available to shape and direct the light as you wish.

Continuous lighting, on the other hand, is more like daylight in that it lets you see exactly how the lighting will behave on your subject as you compose each shot. (By contrast, a flash’s modelling lamp only approximates the effects of the flash.) Because it’s constant, it requires no trigger to operate. And the range of modifiers available is constantly growing.

Other Advantages of LED for Photography & Video

Unlike flash or older types of continuous light (e.g. halogen), LED bulbs don’t get very hot. This means little chance of the bulbs burning out during a long shoot, and almost no downtime waiting for them to cool down. Your subject can sit comfortably in front of LED light for longer periods, and you can attach gels to the light without fear of them melting.

LED lights also consume less power than ordinary lamps, which means lower energy bills and less worrying about changing batteries or power packs on a typical photo shoot.

Some LED light panels also give you complete control over the light’s colour temperature. These models feature dials that slide between warm and cool colour temperatures, enabling you to easily match ambient light or just create the effect you’re after.

A Wide Variety of Choices

Thanks to the use of small LED bulbs, there is an almost infinite variety of ways in which these LEDs can be arranged. Some are arranged in rectangular panels to function like a soft box, and these panels can even be adjoined to others to make an even larger LED light panel. You can get small LED camera lights that mount like a speedlight on to your camera’s hotshoe. Others are arranged in rings, which are perfect for placing fill light around a head shot or macro subject.

LED Photography Lights from CameraPro

All of the continuous (LED) lighting products at CameraPro are 100% genuine Australian stock from leading manufacturers like Aputure and Lume Cube. We carry a wide range of different LED lights along with accessories like light stands, modifiers, brackets and spare batteries. Visit one of our showrooms to check them out, or contact us to chat to our knowledgeable team of photographers and videographers.