New from Profoto: B10 Plus flash/continuous light and A1X on/off-camera flash

The Profoto B10, Plus More

Profoto’s incredible lighting range just got even better with today’s launch of the B10 Plus.

The remarkable Profoto B10, released in September last year, offered what no single light previously could: powerful flash and dimmable, colour-adjustable continuous light in one super-compact, lens-sized package. As its name suggests, the Profoto B10 Plus offers all of this plus a little extra.

Twice the Power

While the B10 outputs 250W—five times the power of one speedlight—the B10 Plus delivers double that, i.e. 500W. Despite this, the B10 Plus measures only 6cm longer (23.5cm) and weighs just 400g more (1.9kg including battery and stand adapter). This makes it roughly the size and shape of a large camera lens – ideal for stills and/or video shooters who want maximum wattage but minimal heft.

Same Battery, Same Ecosystem

Both lights use the same rechargeable Li-Ion battery (which affords hundreds of flashes and up to 75 minutes of continuous light, both at full power) and are compatible with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools, the Profoto Air Remote and the Profoto app.

ETA & Preorders

Like the B10, the Profoto B10 Plus will be available in a single head kit, or a two head kit with a Profoto backpack.

ETA end of June. To place a preorder please contact us online or via 1300 431 431, or visit us in store.

The Profoto A1X: An Everywhere Light for Canon, Nikon & Sony

Also new to the Profoto range is the A1X – the acclaimed A1’s new and improved sibling.

Able to be used on camera or off, the Profoto A1 was designed as a go-anywhere studio light, providing a speedlight’s size and operability with a monolight’s beautifully soft, natural fall-off. However, its compatibility extends only to Canon and Nikon systems.

While sharing most of the A1’s excellent features (including built-in Air Remote and magnetic click-on mount for A1 light shapers) the Profoto A1X gives photographers another, more powerful option. Better still, it’s compatible with Sony as well as Canon and Nikon.

Compared to the A1, the A1X offers greater battery power (maximum 450 full power flashes vs 350); faster recycling (0.05-1.0 vs 0.05-1.2 seconds); more wireless channels (20 vs 8); and an updated fit, feel and finish – notably its B10-inspired interface.

Buy Now

Available now on its own or in a kit with wireless transmitter, the Profoto A1X can function alone or in conjunction with other Profoto A1s, B2s, D2s, B1s and B1Xs.