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Compact Cameras

Compact Cameras

Combining Performance, Simplicity, and Convenience in the Palm of Your Hand

Beautiful, high-resolution images can be captured with minimal effort using high-quality compact system cameras, which allow you to travel light, move with ease and go less noticed. Compact digital cameras are an ideal choice for beginners, travellers, street shooters and even professionals wanting a camera that they can carry anywhere, anytime—particularly when a smartphone just won’t cut it.


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  1. Panasonic LX100 MK II
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Good Things in Small Packages

There are many compact cameras on the market, but CameraPro stocks only high quality models capable of delivering excellent picture quality. Just as impressive is the variety of features now available to compact camera buyers, from touchscreens to face tracking and high definition or even 4K video.

Advantages of Compact Digital Cameras

  • With a built-in lens, simpler functions and pocketable size, a compact or ‘point and shoot’ camera is usually the first camera for beginners and often a second, everyday camera for experienced photographers.
  • Compact cameras are a significant step up from a smartphone or action cam; their larger sensors and better lenses provide much higher picture quality, while their more advanced functions (and the option to engage full manual mode) afford greater creative control.
  • For those who prefer to let the camera take the reins, virtually all compact cameras feature auto modes that can still produce stunning results.


How to Choose the Best Compact Camera

  • The best compact digital camera for you depends on your style of photography, budget, and personal preference: do you plan to photograph landscapes, architecture, portraits, wildlife, or everything in between? This will help determine what sort of zoom range you need. Will you be shooting in dim conditions and/or do you want the highest picture quality possible? If yes, you’ll want a camera with a large sensor (ideally 1” or bigger) and a large maximum aperture (e.g. f/1.7 to f/2.8).
  • Physical features: environmental sealing, a viewfinder (good for prolonging battery life and keeping an eye on your surroundings), built-in flash (handy for indoor or night-time photography) and a tilting or fold-out screen (helpful for shooting in an awkward position/lighting, video recording, and taking selfies) should also be considered, as these will affect the camera’s performance and usability in different situations. The same goes for functions such as video recording, Wi-Fi compatibility, touchscreens, and file format.


Buy Compact Cameras from CameraPro

At CameraPro we stock the best compact digital cameras from leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Fujifilm. Each one is covered by a full Australian manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and after sales support, should you need it.

Our website is full of tips and info designed to help you decide which compact camera to buy, and to teach and support you after you’ve made your purchase. Need more advice? Visit one of our showrooms to get hands-on with our display cameras or get in touch with our friendly team (all photographers like you!) online or over the phone.

The Medium Format Difference: Features & Advantages

Stunning, lifelike colour and detail worthy of billboards or gallery walls. This is what distinguishes the photographs produced by a medium format camera.

With image sensors that measure up to four times larger than those in 35mm format (full frame) DSLRs, and larger pixels within those sensors, medium format cameras can capture a remarkable amount of light and detail. This translates to considerably greater dynamic range, picture quality and printable size. Medium format cameras can literally shoot big, and with far more detail and less image noise—advantages that make medium format cameras ideal for advertising, documentary and fine art photography.

Medium format cameras also deliver a distinct look compared to DSLRs. Their large formats allow for a wider field of view compared to smaller format cameras with the same focal length lens, but with a more natural perspective more akin to the human eye’s than to a camera’s. So you can capture the broad sweep of a landscape, for example, with noticeably less of the distortion or stretching associated with a wide angle lens.

The Best of Both Worlds: Quality Meets Usability

Built for the purpose of getting the best quality image, medium format cameras are typically larger, heavier and pricier than DSLRs and other consumer cameras. This means they’re traditionally best suited to professionals working with well planned setups, consistent environments, and stable platforms.

However, recent trends have seen digital medium format cameras incorporate more user-friendly features found in consumer grade cameras. These models feature smaller, lighter, more portable bodies that would not alienate anyone accustomed to using a normal DSLR. Some medium format cameras feature video recording in full HD or even 4K, and there are also mirrorless versions. The results are powerful, yet highly usable versions of medium format camera favoured not only by studio photographers but also landscape and street shooters, both professional and enthusiast.

Why Buy from CameraPro?

An authorised Australian dealer of leading brands including Fujifilm and Pentax, CameraPro stocks some of the best medium format digital camera models and lenses on the market. Each one of them comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind should you require a service or repair. We also stock a comprehensive range of quality photographic accessories—from lighting equipment and tripods to printing paper and memory cards—and ship right across Australia.

If you have any questions about gear, techniques or otherwise, feel free to pop into one of our showrooms or contact us to speak to our friendly team of photographers.