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Panasonic Rechargeable Eneloop Pro AA Battery - 8 Pack

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Keep shooting for longer

Keep your camera going strong on longer shoots with Eneloop Pro batteries. They’re rechargeable, so you’ll be able to top them up in between shoots. It’s worth the initial investment, as you’ll save money over time with the hundreds of recharges the batteries can take. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment, as rechargeable batteries are the sustainable choice.

Long lasting, high performance

These AA batteries have a high capacity for long-lasting performance. With 2550mAh, they are ideal for powering high current consuming devices such as strobe flash lights. They provide significantly more power than conventional batteries, so you’ll be able to rely on them for longer. They are ideal for devices that drain quickly, which is what makes them perfect for the photographer who relies so heavily on batteries.

Recharge and reuse, over and over

Repeatedly recharge these Eneloop Pro batteries hundreds of times to keep using them over and over again. You will get a long life out of them, and they will keep performing, even when you’ve recharged them many times over. With the ability to recharge up to 500 times, they’ll feel like they have endless capability. Simply recharge them in an Eneloop Quick charger, which will charge each battery individually. This ensures none are over- or under-charged.  

Good for the environment

Not only do you save yourself money and time because you don’t need to keep buying batteries over and over again, you’re also saving hundreds of batteries going into landfill. By not buying endless batteries, rechargeable batteries are the most environmentally friendly option.

Cost saving over time

The purchase and use of Eneloop batteries can last you more than 500 recharges, getting you more bang for your buck. The initial investment is worth the cost saving you will see in the long run. You won’t need to keep buying batteries over time, keeping your wallet full, and giving you more time to do the important things – photographing!

Excellent storage

With a low self-discharge, you can have these batteries in storage for a long time before using them, without reducing their life. Even after a year stored away, Eneloop batteries are still good to go. The residual capacity of one year means these batteries will retain their power even when you’re not using them. That’s what makes them good for remotes and flashes, or for use in cameras.

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What’s the best way to recharge my Eneloop Pro batteries?

Get the most out of your batteries by charging them in an Eneloop Quick Charger. This will charge each battery individually, ensuring none are over- or under-charged

Is there a special holder to keep my batteries when I’m not using them?

We like your organisation style! Keep your batteries organised using a ThinkTank battery holder.

  • 8 x AA Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries
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