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Studio & Lighting

Bowens Softboxes and Reflectors

Professional light shaping tools at CameraPro include Bowens reflectors and the Bowens Softbox range. These are high-end products renowned for their precise treatment of light in the studio and on location, and enable photographers to shape, direct and soften light with extreme accuracy.

The Bowens Softbox Range
The Bowens softbox range includes Portrait softboxes, Square softboxes, Round softboxes and Octagonal softboxes.

Bowens Portrait softboxes are rectangular lighting systems that throw an even spread of light for flattering portraiture work and sharp cut-offs. Portrait softboxes include the Lumiair 60-80, Lumiair 80-100 and the Lumiair 140.

Square softboxes are versatile systems that work just as well for portraits as they do for pack shots and filling shadows, while the Round Bowens softbox is great for natural looking portraits with soft circular catchlights. But if it’s unusual catchlights you’re after, try the octagonal Bowens softbox. It’ll produce some great natural vignettes in your images.

Bowens Reflectors
Bowens reflectors include Portrait reflectors, Effect reflectors and Fashion & Beauty reflectors.

Bowen portrait reflectors are super-creative tools for directing light to capture stunning portraits. The range includes the 50 Keylite Reflector, 60 Grid Reflector and a High-Performance Bowens reflector. Showcasing Bowens’ ingenuity is the brand’s range of Effect reflectors, while professional fashion shoots and commercial beauty shots are best supported by Bowens range of Fashion & Beauty reflectors like the 75 Softlite Reflector and 45 Sunlite Reflector.

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