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Profoto C1 Portable Studio Light & Flash

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Profoto C1: For Next-Level Smartphone Photography

Capture professional-looking images using just your smartphone, the Profoto Camera app, and the Profoto C1. Amazingly portable and easy to use, the Profoto C1 is a combined flash and continuous light that creates beautifully natural-looking illumination when and where you need it. With this remarkable smartphone light, you can transform dark or ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones.

Professional Studio Light for Smartphones

Transform your smartphone photography with the Profoto C1 and Profoto Camera app. Designed with a rounded shape, dome diffuser and built-in reflectors, the Profoto C1 is a highly compact studio light that creates beautifully natural-looking light and shadows. It’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and outputs up to 1600 lumens of flash or flicker-free continuous light – enough to photograph stunning images not possible with a smartphone alone.


Beautiful Light Anywhere, Any Time

The Profoto C1 is small yet powerful enough to carry and create photo opportunities anywhere – holidays, parties, or wherever your creativity takes you. Four warm and three cold LEDs allow you to adjust the colour of your lighting to match any conditions between dawn and dusk (3000-6500K). A highly accurate colour rendering index (CRI) of 90-98 ensures that any colours produced by the Profoto C1 are almost identical to real daylight.


Point and Shoot or Go Full Manual

Enjoy point-and-shoot simplicity in auto mode, which calculates exposure and flash power for you based on the ambient conditions. Or use manual mode to assume full creative control over power, exposure and colour temperature.


Tiny Size, Limitless Creative Potential

The Profoto C1’s tiny size unlocks a world of creative possibilities. Because the Profoto C1 fits in your hand, you can easily handhold and manoeuvre it to light your subject as desired. You can even hide the Profoto C1 in your image to create effects not possible with larger lights. Adjust the light’s colour temperature to create a cool cast or golden glow that matches or contrasts with the ambient light. Go from a bright, natural look to shadowy and dramatic one with just a swipe of your finger. Use the Profoto C1 solo or with multiple other lights. The options are endless.

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How long does the Profoto C1 battery last?

On a full charge, the Profoto C1’s rechargeable Li-Polymer battery can provide more than 2000 full-power flashes or 30 minutes of continuous light at full power.


What is the Profoto C1’s flash recycle time?

The Profoto C1 flash recycles in 0.5 seconds at full power.


How long does the Profoto C1 battery take to charge?

The Profoto C1 battery can be fully recharged (via USB-C) within two hours.


Can the Profoto C1 be controlled via a DSLR or other camera? Or can only be controlled with the Profoto Camera app via Bluetooth?

You need the Profoto Camera app to control the Profoto C1.

The more advanced Profoto C1 Plus can be powered and triggered using a digital camera equipped with a compatible Profoto AirTTL Remote. However, you will need the app to access other functions.


Can the Profoto C1 be used to trigger another flash light?

The Profoto C1 itself can’t be used as a flash trigger. However, multiple Profoto lights (including one or more C1s) can be triggered using the Profoto Camera app.

  • Profoto C1
  • Built-in dome diffuser
  • USB Type-C to Type-A Cable
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