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Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL To-Go Kit

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Best-selling battery-powered TTL flash x 1

The Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL To-Go Kit comes with a single flash head. It is a powerful, cordless flash designed for maximum mobility. You can literally set up and and start shooting within seconds! With both TTL and HSS available – and an improved battery offering 325 full-power flashes. This flash is a favourite for on-location photography, get yours today at CameraPro.

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Full TTL with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus Cameras

Whether you shoot with a Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus camera, relax knowing they’re all 100 per cent compatible with the B1X thanks to innovative Profoto technologies that enable it to fully integrate with a wide range of popular camera systems. The integration is so smooth that sometimes Profoto refers to the B1X as an “off-camera flash”.

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Optional Air Remote TTL

For utmost convenience and control, the optional Air Remote TTL is a must. It operates on a 2.4Ghz band width, with eight frequency channels each with three groups per channel and a range of up to 330’ for TTL triggering (and 1000’ for non-TTL triggering). Each channel has a power ratio capability of +/- 2 stops in TTL, or else +/- 9 stops variation in manual. The Air Remote TTL also enables selection of modeling light, shut-down of the unit, and first or rear curtain exposure.

High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 Sec

Shoot at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second with High Speed Sync (HSS) Mode at the press of a button. With Profoto’s patent-pending technology, the B1X is capable of producing an extremely fast series of flash pulses – particularly handy to help control and shape lighting when shooting in ambient light or when capturing fast-moving action.

Powerful flash possibilities

There are so many possibilities with the B1X. In Normal Mode, the B1X 500 AirTTL is capable of T0.5 flash durations of 1/11,000 sec at minimum power, and 1/1000 sec at full power. But it also features a Freeze Mode and Quick Burst Mode, so you can bring your creative visions to life – whatever they may be. The B1X can deliver flash durations as short as 1/19,000 sec in Freeze Mode – perfect for freezing a moment in time, like water splashing. Quick Burst Mode is also impressive, delivering up to 20 flashes per second at lower power settings. 

CameraPro Australia_Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL_Image

325 full-power flashes with lithium-ion battery

The B1X features a powerful lithium-ion battery that makes it possible for it to emit 325 full-power flashes and thousands of minimum power flashes on a 2.5-hour charge. To put less strain on the battery, the B1X’s modeling light is LED, with the equivalent output of a 130W halogen bulb. The B1X comes with a 2.8A multi-voltage charger. However, there’s an optional 4.5A quick charger which shortens the charging time to just 1.5 hours. A fuel-gage type LED on both the battery and the charger makes it easy to see how much power remains. 

Convenient Firmware Updates

It’s easy to keep your equipment up to date and working flawlessly with firmware updates available directly from the Profoto website. Both the Air Remote TTL and the flash head feature mini-USB connectors.

More Information
Promo Type BONUS
GTIN/UPC Code 7340027545164
Maximum Watt/Seconds 500Ws
Modeling Light Wattage 24W Tungsten balanced LED 2500 lumens output (equivalent to a 130W halogen lamp)
Shipping Weight (Kg) 15.0000
Brands Profoto
Choose Style Body Only

How is the B1X different to the B1?

The B1X is much more powerful than the B1. In particular, it has a much more powerful battery, a much more powerful modeling light and a widely extended HSS power range.

What similarities are there between the B1X and the B1?

The same professional and convenience features you’d expect from a professional-level flash like this from Profoto are still there with the B1X. It has the same dense, durable polymer housing, integrated 77-degree reflector, built-in receiver compatible with Air Remote TTL remotes and intuitive highly visible controls and display. 

What other products in the Profoto range is this compatible with?

The B1X has full Profoto light shaper system compatibility, including the extensive range of umbrellas, reflectors and softboxes.

What’s the B1X’s power variables to work with?

You can regulate the power of over a nine-stop range (2 to 500Ws / 1/256 to 1/1) in 1/10 or 1-stop increments.

Do the flashes feature a control panel at all?

Yes, the B1X control panel has a 1.4-inch x 2.5-inch bright LCD screen where you can quickly and easily check the flash's power level, sync choice, modeling light mode, recycle alert, and battery charge level. 

  • 1 × B1X 500 AirTTL Unit
  • 1 x Li-Ion Battery MkII for B1/B1X
  • 1 x Battery Charger 2.8A
  • 1 × Bag XS
  • 1 x USB Cable 2.0 Type A to Mini B
  • 1 x Power Cable C7 Aus
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