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Olympus BLH-1 Lithium-ion Battery - E-M1 Mark II

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Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The Olympus BLH-1 lithium-ion battery is rechargeable about 500 times. Operating in colder conditions, it is a great battery to have on hand on your travels or at an event to ensure you don’t run out of power. Compatible with select Olympus cameras including the E-M1 Mark II, it will give your camera extended life to keep on shooting.

Compatible with BCH-1 charger

Pair the Olympus BLH-1 lithium-ion battery with the dedicated BCH-1 rapid lithium-ion battery charger for optimal charging power. Using these two together will give you maximum battery life with consistent charging performance, and ensure you get the most shots out of your battery every time. 

Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries stand out against other rechargeable batteries such as NiCad (nickel-cadmium) and NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries for their performance and readiness. The lithium-ion cells have a much lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable cells, providing more efficiency and power from a better charge. Rely on lithium-ion as the highest standard of batteries for optimal camera performance.

Powerful lithium-ion battery

With a powerful 1720 mAh, the Olympus BLH-1 lithium-ion battery keeps you shooting for longer. You can rely on this lithium-ion battery for your E-M1 Mark II to stay powered up for hours on end. It will prove its worth and work hard for you, taking on constant recharges and handling overuse when you’re shooting every day.

Operates in colder conditions

Even in colder conditions, this battery keeps charging on, undisrupted by colder climates. Frosty temperatures will not pose a problem, whether you’re travelling or working at an event in cold conditions. You’ll be able to rely on your Olympus BLH-1 lithium-ion battery to perform in all conditions, and take on any situation. 

Rechargeable 500 times

The BLH-1 can be recharged approximately 500 times, so you can trust this battery will go the distance with you. It also features a dedicated case with an indicator window, so it’s easy to see how far charged the battery is without having to guess how much charge is left in it.

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Which camera is the BLH-1 battery compatible with?

The Olympus BLH-1 lithium-ion battery is compatible with the Olympus E-M1 II camera.

How many batteries should you take on a shoot?

We suggest keeping three batteries on you when you’re out shooting. One in your camera, one spare already charged, and an extra as a back-up. This ensures you’ll never miss a shot. Batteries will drain quicker if you are shooting video and if you are leaving your camera on in between shots, so it’s always a good idea to keep spare batteries handy.

How long does it take to charge the BLH-1 battery?

The BLH-1 battery takes two to three hours to reach a full charge. The side panel window will tell you when it’s ready.

What if I need more power?

If you want to give your battery a boost, try the Olympus HLD-9 Battery Grip for E-M1 Mark II. It will power up your camera for longer, ideal for longer shoots or when using video.

What can I store the batteries in?

If you’re looking for storage options, the ThinkTank DSLR Battery Holder 4 will help keep your batteries protected. We suggest having a minimum of three batteries on hand at all times so you always have a back-up. This holder will keep your batteries secure and in place when you’re not using them.

How do I know if my battery is charged?

Check the dedicated case with an indicator window to see just how charged your battery is. When storing your batteries, we also recommend keeping them organised in your kit in a way that helps you remember which batteries are ready to use - for example, put all the fully charged batteries facing one way, and flat batteries facing the other way to help you remember. 

  • BLH-1 battery
  • A dedicated case with an indicator window
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