Profoto B10

profoto b10 all-in-one studio light

Imagine having an all-in-one light: studio flash and dimmable, color-adjustable continuous LED. Better still, imagine if that light were small and light enough to hold with one hand. And imagine if you could control each of its settings from your smartphone.

Sound too good to be true?

Profoto has just announced a new light that ticks all those boxes, plus more: the Profoto B10.

Pioneering Light

Innovative, streamlined Swedish design and build quality have made Profoto an (if not the) global leader in photographic lighting. Following the B2 and B1X, the B10 is the latest addition to Profoto’s pioneering off-camera flash range, which blends elements of both monolights and speedlights to provide incredible usability and versatility.

Tiny yet Mighty

Packing more power than five speedlights combined, yet scarcely bigger than a mid-size lens, the B10 punches well above its weight.

It can deliver up to 250W of studio-quality flash or up to 2500 lumens of continuous (dimmable) LED light, making it equally ideal for stills and video. Like other Profoto lights, it creates a gorgeously soft, natural fall-off. And, in a Profoto first, it also offers colour temperature control so you can easily and precisely match the ambient light or replicate whatever mood you have in mind.

Even more impressive is the B10’s incredible compactness. Unlike the B2 with its separate power pack, the B10 is fully integrated; it’s also smaller and lighter than the B2 and pack combined. Weighing just 1.5kg, it’s made to travel and perform unobtrusively in tight or awkward shooting locations—perfect for photographers and filmmakers on the go.

Profoto B10 vs B2 vs B1X




2500lm continuous LED light with adjustable brightness & colour temperature

50W LED modelling light only

2500lm LED modelling light only

Max flash output:

Max flash output:

Max flash output:

Recycling time:
0.05-2.2 sec

Recycling time:
0.03-1.35 sec

Recycling time:
0.1-1.9 sec
Quick Burst Mode: 20 frames per sec

Body only: 175 x 100 x 110 mm
With stand adapter: 175 × 150 x 110mm

Head: 100 diameter x 103mm
Powerpack: 160 x 80 x 170mm incl. battery

Body only: 310 x 130 diameter
With stand adapter: 310 x 170mm diameter

1.5kg incl. battery & stand adapter

700g (head only) / 1.6kg incl. power pack

3 kg incl. batteries

Battery life & charge time:
Up to 400 full-power flashes / Up to 75 min with max continuous light
Up to 90 min charging time

Battery life & charge time:
215 full-power flashes
45-60 min charging time

Battery life & charge time:
325 full-power flashes
150 min charging time

Light shaper compatibility:

Full Profoto system

Light shaper compatibility:

Profoto OCF

Light shaper compatibility:

Full Profoto system

the B10 is designed to be easy set-up and use

Innovative & User-Friendly

As well as being incredibly versatile, the B10 is also designed to be really simple and reliable to use. Its controls are clean and intuitive, and its included stand mount easily detaches so you can prop the light on either a stand or tripod/monopod.

The simple-to-replace Li-Ion battery can charge while in use and delivers up to 400 shots or 75 minutes of continuous light at full power.  You also have the option to plug in the B10 and use it continuously.

The B10 can be triggered by the Profoto A1, any Profoto Air/TTL remote, or the Profoto app, which offers total wireless control over the B10’s output, colour temperature and firmware installations.

Endlessly Creative

One of the most remarkable and appealing aspects of Profoto is its ecosystem. The company has developed more than 150 different light shaping tools and, like the B1X, the B10 is compatible with all of them—so the effects that you can produce with it are limited only by your imagination.

Handling the user-friendly B10 studio light

Key Features

  • Size and shape of a camera lens
  • Lightweight (1.5kg) and cordless
  • 250W flash
  • A continuous LED light with adjustable brightness and colour temperature
  • Mountable on camera tripods or light stands
  • Compatible with 150+ Profoto light shaping tools including the full OCF range
  • Compatible with all Profoto AirTTL Remotes, including the Profoto A1
  • Smart connectivity with the Profoto app

Smart connectivity with the Profoto app

The Product Range 

profoto b10 easy set-up anywhere

Availability & Pre-Orders

There’s nothing quite like the B10, let alone in such a compact package. The possibilities it offers for both photography and video are virtually endless. And that’s why we all want one.

The Profoto B10 will be available in a single or duo kit complete with battery, charger, stand mount and (depending on kit) carry case or backpack.

Stock is due to ship from the end of September, so pre-order yours now.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 1300 431 431 or pop in store to speak to one of our helpful team. We can't wait to see what you create with this awesome new light from Profoto!