Nikon Z6Z7 Announcement & Preview

Nikon rumor websites have been running wild with predictions for the new Full Frame Mirrorless specifications. Eleven years to the day after the first announcement of a Nikon full-frame camera we can finally confirm details of the first Nikon full-frame mirrorless.

They say it’s always better to jump in the deep end to learn to swim and this is exactly what Nikon has done, announcing not 1 but 2 new full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Both cameras will have the following features:

  • 5-Axis in-body stabilization, which allows users to shoot approximately 5 stops slower handheld
  • Tiltable rear LCD screen
  • 4k UHD video @ 30fps and Full HD @120fps
  • A second LCD screen on top of the cameras
  • Expeed 6 image processor for overwhelming image quality
  • 10 bit N-Log for exceptional video performance
  • Robust build for all weather types
  • 3,690K dot Electronic Viewfinder

The sensor will be one of the big differences between the new Z6 vs Z7:

  • 24.5 MP sensor vs 45.7 MP sensor
  • 273 vs 493 focus points 
  • 12 vs 9 fps
  • ISO 100 - 51,200 vs 64 - 25,600
  • The Z6 looks to be the aimed towards low light, street and wedding photography whilst the Z7 will be aimed at studio and landscape photographers who are needing that extra detail

These cameras have been on photographers wish list for some time and this announcement by Nikon confirms the market is now ready for the shift to a new system. The SLR design has been around since mid 20th Century and the DSLR has only digitized this format. A full frame mirrorless system by Nikon shows this will be a new focus for brands moving forward and will only become a stronger system with time.

While you may be worried about the 1st Gen issues manufacturers have had in the past, Nikon seem to have covered a number of these with the extra time it has taken to release their first model. A sturdy grip has been a common complaint with mirrorless cameras and these Nikon’s look to combat that with a great hand grip. This also leaves space for a top LCD, another area photographer’s have made comments about previously and Nikon seems to be listening.


Nikon have also done a great job releasing three native lenses for the system along with the camera. All three lenses use the brand new Z-Mount and are part of the (which delivers even higher reliabilty and quality):

Just as exciting is the upcoming 2019 release of the Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S NOCT lens. Check out the product roadmap from Nikon below for more details of what products are to come! 

Along with most photographers, we are super excited to get hands-on with this new gear as this will be one of Nikon's biggest releases in the digital era (if not the biggest). A new lens mount is the first time Nikon has changed the design of the full-frame lens mount since 1959 when they introduce the F-mount. The new lenses look to be a brilliant fit for a mirrorless introduction and with a F-Z mount adapter for the cameras, there will be no shortage of lenses for this system. 

If you are interested in one of the new Nikon cameras or would like to put yourself early in the queue you can do so here. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can call and talk to one of our photographers on 1300 431 431 or pop into our store to have a chat with one of our knowledgeable team.

Nikon looks to have built this system with a new culture in mind for their mirrorless system which consists of three core values - Mirrorless Reinvented, Capture Tomorrow and Future Proof. The roadmap pictured below shows the promise of some exciting lenses and the growth of an excellent system.