Written by Bryce Jarrett


Key specs:

  • Built-in AirTTL
  • Recycling 0.05 to 1.2 seconds
  • Li-Ion battery (350 full power flashes)
  • High Speed Sync
  • LED modelling light
  • 9 stop power range/76w output
  • 0.5kg weight
  • Includes bounce card, dome diffuser, flash stand, USB cable, A1 bag


Since 1968, Profoto has been in the business to do one thing exceptionally well: innovate. From their humble beginnings as the first photography lighting equipment company to offer portable battery packs, to being one of, if not, the industry leader.


Profoto has always strongly appealed to photography professionals, as the reliability and ingenuity set them head and shoulders above their competition. Keeping with the theme and ethos Profoto has always had, they are now adding to this as they focus on making their equipment not only the best quality in terms of build, but also the best quality in terms of design.


Profoto A1

Profoto has always had beautifully designed gear, and has always been accessible for photographers to use. However, this will be the first time that Profoto offers something a little more familiar to even photographers who are just starting their journey. Introducing Profoto’s new portable studio light, the Profoto A1.


Familiar in the sense that it has very similar design functions to the humble speedlight that most photographers use, the A1 will open up doors to a new part of the market that wish to have the best quality lighting equipment without having to compromise on bulkiness and size of their equipment.


The Profoto A1 may look like a speedlight, but it is still in the same family of Profoto studio lights. Unlike typical speedlights, the Profoto A1 is designed for ease of use as well as ability to light up your scene in a way that hasn’t been available before. As speedlights have a more focused and harsh light, the Profoto A1 takes cues from it’s bigger siblings as it utilises an internal reflector which helps spread the light across the scene more effectively and more evenly. Keeping in mind, if you desire focused light, you can attach one of the many modifiers available for the Profoto A1 to accomplish this, and many other effects. No need to source modifiers from external third-party brands, as Profoto have everything you need available; the best quality and the best design.


As many professional photographers will advise, it is wise to invest in the best lighting equipment possible from the beginning. Yes, there are many, many cheap alternatives on the market. However, this will most likely end up being money and time wasted. Investing in the top quality will mean you can learn on the right gear, with the right techniques, and you will not have to worry on changing systems in the future.


Expand on your Profoto A1 by pairing it up with any of their other current and older models via the Air-TTL remotes. The only way to go is up when investing in quality equipment, and the ceiling is very, very high with the Profoto A1.