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To photograph is, by definition, to draw with light, so it’s little wonder that the lighting often separates a decent photo from an outstanding one. Our comprehensive range of photography lighting equipment lets you create whichever effect you imagine or desire, from dramatic to delicate. With reflectors and diffusers you can stage-manage the sun, and with a speedlight, strobes or LED panels, virtually anywhere can be your studio.

Studio & Location Lighting for Every Budget

CameraPro caters for all skill levels and budgets. So if you’re looking to buy a camera flash, an affordable studio lighting set-up or advanced lighting solutions and accessories, we've got your photography lighting needs covered.

Our Lighting Brands & Solutions

As well as being Queensland’s exclusive stockist of Profoto gear, CameraPro carries an extensive selection of lighting equipment from leading brands including Elinchrom, Aputure, Phottix, PocketWizard, Lastolite and Hahnel. Our range encompasses on-camera flash (speedlight) units, remotes and triggers, studio lighting, continuous lighting, modifiers (e.g. umbrellas, soft boxes, grids and reflectors), and accessories such as lighting stands, backgrounds and background supports, light meters, sand bags and gels.


What Photography Lighting Equipment Do I Need?

Every photographer’s lighting needs will depend largely on their preferences and budget. Here's a rough guide to the main different types of photographic lighting.

Speedlight (On-Camera Flash)

Affordable, portable and battery-operated, speedlights are incredibly versatile and simple to use. Mountable on or off your camera, they are much more powerful than a camera’s built-in flash and can be oriented so the light bounces off a surface other than the subject (e.g. a wall or ceiling) to create a much softer and more flattering light. With the aid of radio triggers, you can set up multiple speedlights to flash simultaneously and control them all from behind your camera. Lighting stands and modifiers (which shape and direct the light) allow for even greater versatility. Speedlights are ideal for situations that require spontaneity and/or agility, e.g. events, weddings, portraits, as well as studio photography.

Studio Flash (Strobe)

A studio flash or strobe can be used alone or in conjunction with others in a studio or on location. More powerful than speedlights, they’re ideal for illuminating larger spaces, objects or groups of people (though they’re also heavier and usually require stands for support). They’re also much more consistent and longer lasting, with some running off portable battery packs and others running off electricity. Strobes require triggers to sync with your camera and are usually used with a modifier of some kind (e.g. umbrella, soft box, barn doors) to shape and channel the light as desired. Ideal for fashion/portrait, interiors and product/advertising photography.

Continuous Lighting

Unlike flash, which illuminates very briefly and powerfully, continuous lighting (as its name suggests) remains constantly on, powered by LED lights that don’t overheat. Continuous lighting is ideal for video recording but can also be used for still photography.

Why Buy From CameraPro?

Buying a camera flash online can be a daunting prospect for some. However, you can purchase with confidence from CameraPro. We offer a full Australian manufacturer’s warranty on all stocked items, as well as guaranteed Australia-wide delivery. Our friendly staff are all photographers so you can chat to them in store, online or over the phone to get honest, reliable advice before and after you buy.