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LEE Filters Big Stopper Neutral Density Glass Filter 10 Stops 100mm System

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Create smooth motion blur

The LEE Filters Big Stopper is made with high-quality optical glass that minimises the amount of light entering the lens by 10 stops. This allows you to extending exposure times, without overexposing the image, to capture motion blur effects in subjects such as in clouds, waterfalls, rivers and the ocean. It also works in cityscapes and street photography to capture movement in traffic and people.

Increases exposure by 10 stops

By powerfully reducing exposure time by up to 10 stops, the LEE Filters Big Stopper helps to create fluid motion blur in moving subjects. Fast moving clouds will appear wispy, trees in the wind will appear soft, and waterfalls will become misty. It also produces this blurred effect in street and city photography, where interesting effects can be created with subjects such as moving cars and people.

Compatible with 100mm holders

LEE Filters Big Stopper can be attached to any 100mm filter holder. This opens up a huge array of lenses you can use this with on a wide range of cameras. It also opens up the vast selection of other filters to attach in the LEE Filters range.

High-quality optical glass

Constructed with LEE Filters high-quality optical glass, the Big Stopper produces superior image quality from expert craftsmanship. Constructed with strong aluminium, LEE Filters are lightweight and durable, made to last a lifetime.

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How can I prevent light from leaking in from the edges?

Always place your light stopping filters in the guide closest to the camera, ensuring the foam seal is facing the lens. This creates a barrier against light leaking in from the edges and greatly reduces the risk of flare.

How can I ensure only moving objects are blurred?

Be sure to use a sturdy tripod to keep your image still, except for moving objects. This is essential for long exposure shots, where unintended handheld camera shake can occur and other factors such as the wind can affect your shot. We suggest choosing a solid tripod over a light and flimsy tripod. Your next best friend for successful long exposures is a cable release with lock option.

How can I avoid excess light spilling onto the sensor?

To avoid any excess light spilling onto your sensor – or film if that's what you're using – be sure to cover your viewfinder before taking your photo. This will prevent flare caused from the excess light.

What is the LEE Filters app good for?

For those who are sleep deprived from rising at 4am to catch the sunrise, or those who just hate maths, the LEE Filters App Exposure Guide and Timer is free and extremely easy to use. The app calculates the correct exposure when using a Little, Big or Super Stopper and includes a countdown timer you can use for those super long exposures. Free to download for iPhone and Android from App stores.

How can I correct colour cast?

You may experience a slightly cool colour cast when using any of the stoppers. This is easy enough to correct. Either take a test shot and adjust your white balance in your camera, or shoot in RAW and simply adjust in post-production.

I’m just starting out with filters. What do you recommend I need?

Start off with the LEE Filters 100mm Foundation Kit. It’s fundamental to the LEE Filters system. It takes standard 100mm filters, and can be constructed to take up to four filters at any one time. The filter holder clips onto the adaptor ring which, in turn, screws onto your camera’s lens.

How can I keep my filters clean?

The LEE Filters ClearLEE Filter Wash will clear away dirt, fingerprints and other debris. When we’re shooting outdoors, our cameras are exposed to all sorts of elements – sea spray, dust, rain, snow, dirt, and fingerprints. This can over time reduce the longevity of your filters and can degrade image quality. The Clear LEE Filter Wash is safe to use on the entire range of LEE Filters and is specially formulated to cut through dirt, fingerprints and salt spray safely and effectively.

What else do you recommend for landscape photography?

LEE Filters graduated neutral density filters are invaluable for landscape photography. They reduce the brightness of selected areas in a scene without affecting the colour.

  • LEE Filters Big Stopper
  • Tin case
  • Exposure Guide
  • Quick User Guide
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