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LEE Filters 105mm Glass Circular Circular 105mm Diameter Glass Filter

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Remove glare and enhance landscapes

A polarised filter is a key tool used by photographers to remove glare and reflections, increase colour saturation and make clouds pop against blue skies. Its an ideal filter for landscapes, with its warm undertones. The slimline LEE Filters 105mm landscape circular polariser filter will work on all types of cameras and can go down to 16/17mm without vignetting.

Reduce glare and reflections

Reduce light bouncing at certain angles when entering the lens with the LEE Filters 105mm landscape circular polariser filter. This will remove glare and reflections, and increase colour saturation, giving your landscapes rich, balanced colour.

Slim design

With a slimmer design, this polariser will go down to 16/17mm without vignetting when used with a two slotted filter holder on a full frame 35mm sensor. It can be used on wide lenses which are renowned for vignetting without causing any of these aberrations.

Compatible with 100mm holders

LEE Filters 105mm landscape circular polariser filter can be attached to any 100mm filter holder. Simply attach to the LEE Filters holder from the 105mm polariser front holder ring to get going. This opens up a huge array of lenses you can use this with. Because the landscape polariser screws onto the front of the holder, it leaves both slots in the holder free, allowing you to add further filters. This gives you a wide selection of other filters to attach in the LEE Filters range.

Warm tone ideal for landscapes

The slight warm base in this polariser filter accentuates colours in landscapes, bringing out the richness of a sunset, the blue of water and the rich greens and browns in nature. The warm tone removes glare from shiny surfaces, perfect for taking shots of reflective waters. It also increases the contrast between blue skies and white cloud and enhances browns, golds and greens.

Lightweight, hardy, durable

LEE FIlters are made only with high quality optical glass, which delivers superior image quality. The ring is constructed with aluminium, making this filter lightweight, durable and sturdy. It’s also resistant to corrosion, making sure it lasts a lifetime.

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How can I achieve even polarisation?

Given the differing effects dependent on viewing angle to the sun, using any polariser on a very wide angle lens can result in some areas of the sky being more polarised than others and consequently result in uneven colour in the sky. To minimise this, rotate the front element to reduce the amount of polarisation and adjust your composition so the gradation looks more natural. This issue will occur with all polarisers and is due to the large angle of view captured with a wide-angle lens.

Is more polarisation better?

When it comes to polarisation, more is not always best. Maximum polarisation can often yield unnatural results with skies becoming too dark. Also, by removing all of the glare, you could strip the highlights from your scene and cause it to become too flat. Don’t be afraid to wind it back a little!

How can I avoid getting fingerprints on the polariser?

To avoid getting fingerprints on your polariser, carry a rubber band in your kit to wrap around the metal ring frame when unscrewing from the front holder ring.

Is this filter ideal for landscape photography?

Yes! In addition to polarising the light, the landscape circular polariser has a slight warm tone which accentuates landscape colours. If you don’t want this slight warmth in your image, the tone is easily removed in post editing (just be sure to shoot in RAW to enable editing).

I’m just starting out with filters. What do you recommend I need?

Start off with the LEE Filters 100mm Foundation Kit. It’s fundamental to the LEE Filters system. It takes standard 100mm filters, and can be constructed to take up to four filters at any one time. The filter holder clips onto the adaptor ring which, in turn, screws onto your camera’s lens.

How can I keep my filters clean?

The LEE Filters ClearLEE Filter Wash will clear away dirt, fingerprints and other debris. When we’re shooting outdoors, our cameras are exposed to all sorts of elements – sea spray, dust, rain, snow, dirt, and fingerprints. This can over time reduce the longevity of your filters and can degrade image quality. The ClearLEE Filter Wash is safe to use on the entire range of LEE Filters and is specially formulated to cut through dirt, fingerprints and salt spray safely and effectively.

What else do you recommend for landscape photography?

LEE Filters graduated neutral density filters are invaluable for landscape photography. They reduce the brightness of selected areas in a scene without affecting colour.

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