Panasonic TZ220 & GX9


When you consider a small travel compact camera one brand generally springs to mind first and that is the Travel Zoom (TZ) system of Panasonic. They have just launched the new TZ220 and for good measure they have also given us the GX9.


So what do you need to know about these cameras?


panasonic tz220

The Panasonic TZ220 looks like a revved up TZ110. While a lot of the features from the TZ110 have been transferred to the TZ220 (sensor, processor etc.) the one big addition is the new 15x zoom lens extending the range from 250mm to 360mm full frame equivalent. Add to this a much improved viewfinder, plus 3-inch touchscreen and the TZ220 has firmly set itself as a front runner in the compact travel zoom category. A great travel camera with a large zoom, 1-inch sensor and all in a pocketable size body. The TZ220 also has an improved grip, making this model much more comfortable in the hand compared to it's predecessors. 


Similar to the new TZ camera the Panasonic GX9 is a reworked GX8. A lot of features internally stay the same which is great news considering how good the GX8 is. The new features that are worth looking at include an upgrade on both the 3-inch touchscreen and tilt-able viewfinder, an increase to 9 fps, a brilliant sequence composition photo capture and a fantastic new monochrome mode that replicates film grain brilliantly.


Both of these new cameras are a welcome addition to show that Panasonic are continually working to produce great new technology. Considering they have come so soon after the Panasonic G9, 2018 looks like it will be a great year for Panasonic.


We are currently taking pre-orders for both models, which are both available in black and silver. Stock is due to arrive in April, so pre-order now to get free shipping! If you have any questions about these awesome new cameras, feel free to call us on 1300 431 431.