CameraPro is proud to sponsor the Canon Light Awards LIVE 2018 this year, when it hits on Brisbane on 1-2 September 2018. 

The event will see a number of exceptional masterclasses take place over two jam-packed days, designed to be challenging yet rewarding, and ultimately push photographers’ technical and creative photography skills to new heights.

The Brisbane event offers half-day masterclasses across three different photography genres, includes a 24-hour photography challenge and live feedback sessions – plus prize-winners! One winner will be chosen from each masterclass, with the awesome prize being a $1000 from CameraPro! 

This event is going to be fantastic and you won't want to miss out!  Key masterclass speakers at the Canon Light Awards LIVE: Brisbane event include Damien Bredberg, Jacqui Dean and Tony Hewitt - read a bit more about each of them below... 

1. Damien Bredberg: Creative Composites

Using only a single stationary tripod, Damien Bredberg will show you how to unlock your creative potential and begin to master the digital tools at your disposal to produce stunning creative composites that make viewers go not just “wow”, but also, “how?”. Learn how to construct a composite image using lighting, lens selection, and imagination to create an image that isn’t physically possible in one shot. Needless to say: the only limit is your imagination!

Image: Damien Bredberg

2. Jacqui Dean: The Art of Macro Photography

Ever wondered how to perfect the art of macro photography? Learn from multi-award winning Grand Master of photography, Jacqui Dean. She’ll share tips and tricks for macro shooting and focus stacking to help you discover your own elegant composition to bring to light in vivid detail the more subtle beauty of nature’s nuances in a way like never before.

Jacqui Dean

Image: Jacqui Dean

3. Tony Hewitt: Creative Landscapes

With internationally-acclaimed photographer and Grand Master of the AIPP, Tony Hewitt, develop your landscape photography repertoire. Tony will share the importance of developing an instinct for light, a ‘feel’ for the narrative or purpose, and an eye for simple balance. You’ll find yourself stretching your imagination beyond the traditional – and capable of turning even the most un-inspiring locations into thought-provoking landscapes.

Image: Tony Hewitt

We cannot wait for the Canon Light Awards LIVE in September - get your tickets here, and we will see you there!