For those looking for both photography and bucket list inspiration, CameraPro ambassador Jesse Lindemann shares his favourite Australian photographers to follow on Instagram to freshen up your daily feed.


Mitch Cox (@mitch.cox)

On a non-stop road trip around Australia with his girlfriend Cleo, Mitch’s account is full of hidden photography spots that are well off the beaten path. If you’re looking for some #vanlife inspiration or just a nudge to get out and explore more of Australia’s lesser known natural wonders, Mitch is a must-follow.

Photo: @mitch_cox



Mark Fitz (@_markfitz)

Whether it’s turtle-Tuesday or just a daily dose of coastal paradise that tickles your fancy, Mark’s account is full of amazing shots from above and below the water. Having shot almost every piece of Australian coastline, Mark and his lightweight Olympus setup are inspiring lots of photographers to dip their toe / camera under the surface.

Photo: @_markfitz



Sera j. Wright (@photography_byron_bay)

Sera is a landscape photographer famous for two things; stunning shots of her hometown of Byron Bay and a dreamy pastel colour palette, both of which will be a constant reminder to pack the camera on your next holiday to the coast.

Photo: @photography_byron_bay



Reuben Nutt (@reubennutt)

He might be the youngest Instagrammer on the list, but this guy is a seriously talented photographer with a flair for the adventurous. Whether he’s climbing mountains in the Scenic Rim or exploring beyond his hometown of Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland, Reuben’s images will be sure to provide plenty of inspiration for your next adventure.

Photo: @reubennutt



Lisa Michele Burns (@the_wanderinglens)

Originally a wedding photographer in the Whitsundays, Lisa’s signature split level (over-under) water shots have taken her to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. Recently featured by Instagram to it’s 200 million plus followers, Lisa’s photography location guides help thousands of travellers up their holiday photo-game every year and are a great place to check out before checking in to your next trip.

Photo: @the_wanderinglens


Sam Frysteen (@frysteen)

Also known as The Milky Way Chaser, Sam’s reputation for amazing astro shots has kickstarted his own workshops for other budding night-crawling photographers. Outside of the Milky Way season, you’ll likely be treated to some amazing aerial shots of the paradise that is Noosa Heads.

Photo: @frysteen


Matthew Vandeputte (@matjoez)

That timelapse guy from Belgium, Matt is also a prominent Youtuber based in Sydney. He’s so good at timelapse and hyperlapse content that his residency Visa was granted on the basis of his ‘distinguished talent’ as a timelapse photographer… so yeah, the guy knows his timelapses and after following him and watching a few of his tutorials, you will too.

Photo: @matjoez


Dale Sharpe & Karlie Russell (@dkphotographyau)

Famous for THAT proposal shot under the dancing northern lights of Norway, Dale and Karlie are a couple who know how to photograph and entertain in equal measure (never a dull moment between shoots with these two). Masters of long-exposure techniques, their gallery of storms, northern lights, stars, waterfalls and just generally epic landscapes will definitely inspire anyone looking to leave their shutter open just that little bit longer.

Photo: @dkphotographyau



Sean Scott (@seanscottphotography)

Sean’s passion and ability to capture water in a thousand different ways will leave you with a whole new appreciation for his favourite subject matter. Whether it’s surf or underwater photography shot with his trademark Aquatech gear, Arctic adventures with polar bears or abstract aerials of the amazing patterns and shapes of the rivers and beaches below, Sean is definitely one to get your creative travel juices flowing.

Photo: @seanscottphotography



Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill)

If you’re looking to add a few of the world’s most rugged and epic landscapes to your bucket list, Jason’s just the guy to help you out. Iceland, Patagonia and Namibia are just a few of the countless countries this talented landscape photographer has taken his camera recently, and with a schedule that doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, your wanderlusting for overseas adventures should be well satisfied for a while yet.

Photo: @jasoncharleshill



Well, there you have it - 10 Australian Photographers to follow on Instagram to Inspire your Travel Wanderlust!

Where are you off to on your next adventure? Let us know in the comments below!