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Hoya HD 82mm Protection Filter

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Protect as you shoot

Protect your lens with the Hoya HD 82mm filter with its clear and hardy optical glass. It won’t affect colour balance in your shots at all, and works to prevent front element damage caused by dirt, scratches and bumps. The glass is strong yet highly transparent with an anti-reflective multilayer coating, making it resistant to water, oil and scratches.

So transparent you won’t see it

The HD glass of this filter is so clear it won’t impede on your shots or make any difference to your imagery. In fact, you won’t even notice it’s there. It’s ultra clear and highly transparent, and won’t make any difference to your colour balance or contrast. But it will certainly protect your lens from scratches and dirt.

Tough as nails

The HD optical glass on this filter is four times stronger than normal, protecting your lens from any bumps or scratches. Dirt won’t get in and neither will grease or water splashes, which can damage the glass element on the lens. You can go about shooting in confidence, not worrying about rocks or splashes getting in.

Anti-reflective and resistant to everything

The multi-layer coating is oil and water repellant, as well as making it scratch and stain resistant. Being oil resistant, it is much easier to clean, too. With eight anti-reflective layers, the Hoya HD 82mm protector filter prevents internal ghosting and reflections that can produce unwanted effects. It also minimises the potential for vignetting – the reduction of brightness and contrast in the image’s periphery.

Light as a feather

With an aluminum-alloy filter ring, the Hoya HD filter is thin and lightweight so it won’t add weight to your camera. You’ll barely notice it’s even there. Even though it has a thin frame, it is compatible with a range of lenses including wide angle lenses.

Easy to take on and off

With its knurled front edges, it has a more textured grip that makes it easier to mount or remove it from a lens. There’s nothing more frustrating than peevishly trying to take a filter off that won’t budge. This filter clicks on and off easily.

More Information
Type Protector Filters
GTIN/UPC Code 24066050984
Filter Size 82mm
Size 82 mm
Multi-Coated Digital multi-coated
Construction Black Rimmed Glass
Front Filter Thread Size 82 mm
Front Lens Cap Size 82 mm
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.2000
Brands Hoya

How can I remove oily smudges from the filter?

Use a residual oil remover to get rid of stubborn smudges. The ROR is unlike other lens cleaners. It’s designed to emulsify and remove the microscopic film of oil residing on the surface that is caused by environmental pollution. You could also try a LensPen that contains carbon. Years ago, people used to clean glass with a newspaper. Why did this work so well? Newspaper is covered with printing ink, which is made with a carbon compound. The carbon molecules actually have a unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants. If only we still had newspapers lying around… But, the cleaning tip of the LensPen has a unique carbon compound that takes the residual oils right away.

How can I best remove dust without touching the filter?

Try the LensPen Hurricane Blower. It’s the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way to remove dust, simply using bursts of air. The non-toxic rubber bulb has a double-valve design that prevents breathing in dust. It’s also resistant to warm and cold temperatures alike.

Any other tips for cleaning the filter?

Be cautious when cleaning filters that you don’t have any debris in your cloth or tissue. Also, don’t spay your residual cleaner directly onto the filter. Spray onto your cloth or filter tissue first.

And, uh, where is the filter thread?

You can find the thread of your filter by checking the inside of your lens cap.

  • Hoya 82mm HD Protector Filter
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