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Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Traveler Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

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Ultimate lightweight travel tripod

Take the Gitzo Traveler with you anywhere. It’s compact and ultra-lightweight, small enough to fit in most backpacks without weighing you down. Made with fine carbon eXact tubes and magnesium casting, the Gitzo travel tripod is extremely strong and light. Holding up to 10kg, you’ll be able to mount just about any camera on it safely.

Universally-compatible ball head

The arca-type tripod mounting system has a compatible ball head that is universally used for most tripod heads. The smooth WS2 ball coating and locking mechanism fits compactly between the folded legs. You’ll be able to use just about any attachment for this Gitzo. It can be used with accessories such as the handy Peak Design CapturePro clip when you’re on-the-go. Taking up to 10kg of weight, you’ll be able to mount most cameras to this tripod.

Strong build

The eXact carbon material makes the legs and centre column as sturdy as can be, while maintaining ultra-light weight. Magnesium-cast metals used in its construction are incredibly light – more than 30 times lighter than aluminium, and stronger too. The heavy-duty lightness of magnesium and carbon fibre is unrivalled. You’ll be able to pack this up and take it anywhere with no fuss. Hike for longer to get to that outreach place without your tripod weighing you down.

Secure G-lock

When you get to your destination, the Gitzo Traveler’s sturdy legs will stay in place when capturing moments on any terrain. Take long exposures with ultimate stability while the Gitzo G-lock holds its legs in place. The tungsten disulfide coating allows the ball to move smoothly, minimising slip. Extending up to 153cm at full length, it can stretch to reach any height or angle.

Weather-sealing O-ring

This tripod has a weather-sealing O-ring inside each leg lock which offers unrivalled protection against the elements. This protection also makes it much easier to keep the legs clean, minimising general wear and tear, so you can get with your photography in various environments and know the tripod will last for years to come. 

Twist and turn reverse-folding legs

The reverse-folding legs can flexibly fold up to 180-degrees to give you a wider range of angles to capture your shots. Folding away tightly to 43cm for a perfect fit in your backpack, it’s the ideal tripod for throwing in with your gear while travelling or hiking. With its lightweight magnesium carbon fibre material, it won’t weigh you down.

More Information
Type Tripod and Head Kits
GTIN/UPC Code 719821384113
Load Capacity 10 Kg
Material Carbon Fiber
Maximum Height 60.2" (153 cm)
Minimum Height 8.6" (22 cm)
Folded Length 16.7" (42.5 cm)
Head Attachment Fitting 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 (reversible stud)
Material Carbon Fiber
Leg Stages Sections 4
Leg Lock Type Twist
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Spiked/Retractable Feet No
Center Brace NA
Center Column Type Rapid
Center Column Sections 1
Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.5000
Brands Gitzo
Choose Style Body Only

How can I keep my Gitzo Traveler tripod clean?

After shooting in terrain where dirt can build up on the tripod legs, clean your tripod by undoing the leg locks, removing each leg section and running it under water while using a toothbrush to brush away the dirt. Then, dry the legs completely before applying Gitzo Grease just before you reassemble the tripod legs.

What do I do about a loose leg?

If one leg starts to feel looser than the others, use the allen/hex key to tighten the loose leg.

Is it OK to move the tripod with the camera on top?

It’s best to avoid carrying your tripod while the camera is mounted so you don’t put your camera at unwanted risk of damage.

Apart from this tripod, what other accessories will help with landscape photography?

It would be wise to invest in a filter system such as Lee filters to guarantee the best possible colours and exposure for landscape and scenery photography.

How can I achieve great long exposure photography?

Shutter remotes ranging from inexpensive infrared remotes to advanced intervalometers can prove to be great devices to assist in long exposure photography. Shutter remotes mean that you do not have to physically touch your camera as it begins the exposure process, ensuring minimal camera shake and allowing you to capture the sharpest possible image.

How can I avoid constantly needing to remove the tripod head plate?

Pair arca-type compatible accessories so you do not need to constantly remove the tripod head plate. And don’t be afraid to try different heads. Gitzo ball heads are superb, however you are not limited to using them. Experiment with different types of heads as they all produce a different effect. Most heads will attach to a Gitzo.

  • GT1545T Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fibre Tripod
  • 3 x Rubber Feet
  • Shoulder Strap
  • GH1382TQD Series 1 Traveler Center Ball Head
  • GS5370SD QR Plate
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