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Elinchrom Brx 500/500 Softbox To Go Set

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  • 2 x BRX 500 Monolights (500Ws) with built-in receivers & variable power control
  • Proportionate modelling lamp
  • 0.34 sec recycle time
  • 1/1158 sec flash duration (at full power)
  • Softbox, octabox & deflector
  • Lighting stands
  • EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus with 16 channels
  • Optional computer & iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch control

Everything you need in one portable kit

Create professional quality portraits, lifestyle images, product shots and more using the Elinchrom Brx 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit. Featuring an enhanced wireless triggering system, this portable two-light kit contains everything you require to create and wirelessly control simple lighting setups, and carry your kit from shoot to shoot.

Powerful & consistent quality lighting

With two powerful yet portable 500Ws monolights, the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit equips you to produce accurate, colour-consistent exposures, wherever you have access to mains power. Variable power control (down to 31Ws) and a proportionate modelling lamp with independent power adjustment ensure a speedy workflow, while a fast recycle time of 0.34 seconds and flash duration of 1/1158 seconds (at full power) make it possible to freeze fast-moving subjects. Each flash head features a highly impact resistant body shell plus an accessory bayonet providing compatibility with the complete range of Elinchrom light modifiers.

A myriad of possible lighting effects

Beautifully soft, flattering illumination comes easy with the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit’s included light modifiers. The 66cm Portalite square softbox, 56cm Portalite octabox and translucent circular deflector provide a myriad of possible lighting effects, from broad wraparound light and round catch lights to more controlled yet diffused illumination and filled-in shadows.

Reliable wireless remote triggering

The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus works seamlessly with the EL-Skyport receiver built in to each BRX 500 flash head to wirelessly (via radio) and remotely trigger your lights and adjust their settings from up to 200m away. Working with or in multiple setups? Control up to four separate groups of flashes, programmable across 16 different channels (eight normal and eight high-speed channels) without leaving your camera.

Powered by AA batteries, the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus attaches securely to your camera’s hotshoe and can swivel to improve transmission and reception. The transmitter also features a top hotshoe and 2.5 mm sync port for direct connection to an additional strobe or hotshoe-less camera.

Expanded functionality

Free software for Mac and PC is available with the EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus, providing extra features like Flash-Delay for strobing effects. Get the optional USB Wi-Fi module and EL-Skyport App to control your flash units’ settings via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

More Information
Type Studio Lighting
Maximum Watt/Seconds 500
Guide Number f/90 @ 3.3' (1.0 m) @ ISO 100, with 48° reflector
Recycle Time 115V: 1.45 sec @ full power, 0.34 sec @ min power
Flash Duration Full power @ t0.5: 1/1,558 sec
Flash Variability 5.0 f/stops: 1/16 - 1/1
User Replaceable Flashtube Yes
Changeable Reflector Yes
Modeling Light Wattage 100W
Voltage Stabilization Yes
Flash Ready Indicator Ready Light
Operating Voltage 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Auto Dump Yes
Dimensions 10.24 x 7.5 x 5.5"
Shipping Weight 2.5000
Brands Elinchrom

Does the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit work with HSS?

The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus included with the Elinchrom Brx 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit isn’t compatible with Hi-Sync or High Speed Sync (HSS). To use either Hi-Sync or HSS you will need the Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Plus HS and a compatible camera.


How big are the lighting stands that come with the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit?

Each of the two lighting stands included with the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit measure 88cm long at minimum height 235cm long when fully extended.


How strong are the lighting stands?

Each of the two lighting stands bundled with the Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit can support up to 5kg.



  • 2x Elinchrom BRX 500 Flash Heads (each including modelling lamp, protective cap, sync cord and
  • mains cable)
  • 1x Elinchrom Portalite Square Softbox 66 x 66cm
  • 1x Elinchrom Portalite Octa Softbox 56cm
  • 1x Elinchrom Translucent Deflector
  • 1x Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Plus
  • 1x Lighting Stand Set (2x 88-235cm Stands With Bag)
  • 1x Tube Case for D-Lite 2/4 Flash Heads
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