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Tamron Lenses

Tamron Lenses

Discover the Stunning Image-Making Potential of Tamron lenses

Remarkable in spec and surprisingly light in weight, Tamron lenses have attracted both wide praise and multiple awards. Choose from an extensive selection of prime and zoom lenses including macro, wide angle, standard, telephoto and super zoom – all offering premium quality and performance at an affordable price.

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Tamron Lens Information

Shop the Latest Tamron Lens Range

In addition to a comprehensive Tamron lens lineup, CameraPro stocks Tamron teleconverters; tripod mounts; lens caps, hoods and cases; and the TAP-in Console providing easy customisation of selected lens functions and firmware updates in selected Tamron lenses.


Award-Winning Camera Lenses Since 1950

One of Japan’s leading optical manufacturers, Tamron has been creating award-winning camera lenses since its founding in 1950. In its dedication to produce the ultimate photographic tools, the company is constantly innovating and refining how its lenses are designed and manufactured. As a result, Tamron lenses support ever-increasing image sensor resolutions. And they offer a remarkable combination of specs, portability and usability.

Tamron makes interchangeable lenses for digital SLR and mirrorless cameras (full frame, APS-C and micro four-thirds) for major brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Tamron Lens Technologies

Incorporating advanced lens coatings for superior clarity and cutting-edge materials for lightness and durability, Tamron lenses are designed and engineered to exceptional standards. Numerous technologies, many unique to Tamron, feature in the product range. Here’s a brief guide to Tamron lens abbreviations and what they represent.

FLR (Fluorine Coating) – provides long-term protection to the lens surface against oil and water

HLD (High/low Torquemodulated Drive) – space- and energy-saving, Tamron-exclusive autofocus (AF) motor system that generates outstanding drive torque for quiet and highly accurate AF

IF (Internal Focusing) System – allows for a non-rotating front filter ring (which facilitates the positioning of lens filters and eliminates lengthening of the lens during focusing); a much closer Minimum Object Distance (MOD); and minimised vignetting and aberrations

MR & DR (Moisture-Proof and Dust-Resistant Construction) – prevents intrusion of dirt, dust, or raindrops and ensures reliability even in windy conditions and immediately after rain

PZD (Piezo Drive) — advanced ultrasonic, autofocus (AF) motor and exclusive Tamron innovation deploying piezoelectric technology to focus the lens quickly, silently, and with extreme accuracy, and allow for reduced lens size and weight

SP (Super Performance) — ultra high-grade lenses, designed for professionals, delivering the ultimate in optical performance

USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) – autofocus (AF) drive system that provides exceptionally smooth, fast, precise and silent AF (ideal for high-speed sports action and discreet shooting scenarios)

VC (Vibration Compensation) – in-lens image stabilisation that counteracts camera shake and delivers a highly stable viewfinder image with excellent tracking

ZL (Zoom Lock) — original Tamron innovation preventing undesired lens creep (extension of the lens barrel while carrying the camera/lens on a neck strap) for increased lens responsiveness and protection


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If you’re looking to buy Tamron lenses online or in store, CameraPro is your ultimate destination. As an official Tamron retailer, we’ve developed an excellent relationship with Tamron’s exclusive Australian distributor to bring you the best new Tamron lenses and other products, all with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

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