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Lens Converters & Adapters

Lens Converters & Adapters

Expand the Usability of Your Lens Collection with Lens Adapters and Converters

Portable and affordable, these handy pieces of gear are a great alternative to buying and carrying a new camera lens or lenses. Instantly extend the zoom on your lens, widen your field of view, gain access to a whole different series of lenses, or change to a different camera make without having to sacrifice your existing glass. Lens adapters and converters are ideal for those who fancy a flexible kit, like to travel light, and/or want to switch between camera systems.

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Lens Adapters & Converters Information

What are Lens Converters?

There are two types of camera lens converter available.

Teleconverters are essentially magnifying lenses that are fitted between the camera and lens to extend the lens’ focal length. So if you have a 1.4x converter, you effectively turn a 70mm-200mm lens into a 98mm-280mm lens. As the extra glass and tube have an effect on the incoming light, you can expect the pictures to be a little darker (1.4 stops) than when not using a teleconverter. A 2x converter would turn the same lens into a 140-400mm lens, with a 2 stop darkening effect on the incoming light.

(Most major camera brands will make teleconverters for their lenses. However, it’s worthwhile to know that not all lenses are compatible with all teleconverters, so we would suggest checking the compatibility for each before you buy.)

Wide angle converters are the second type of lens converter. Unlike teleconverters, they attach to the end of your lens. These effectively shorten the focal length or widen the viewing angle of a lens according to the converter’s magnification factor. A wide angle converter with a magnification factor of 0.80x would effectively turn a 28mm lens into a 22mm one.

For an even wider view, you can get fisheye converters to achieve some fun and creative effects. They exaggerate wide angle lenses further using barrel distortion.

Some experts agree that lens converters cause some degradation in image quality, but only around the peripheries of the image. Modern photo editing software programs feature specific converter functions designed to help correct any affected areas.

What are Lens Adapters?

Usually, cameras of a given make/format are only compatible with lenses of the same make (e.g. Nikon), mount, or format (e.g. micro four-thirds). A lens adapter allows your camera to attach to an otherwise incompatible lens mount. So, for example, the Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter for Canon lets you attach lenses with a Canon mount to a Sony FE-mount camera. Likewise, the Fujifilm M-Mount adapter allows M-Mount lenses to be used on X-Mount cameras. Lens adapters therefore open up new possibilities, enabling you to choose from a wider variety of lens makes, mounts and formats.

It’s worth noting that, by using an adapter, you may lose some lens functionality like autofocus. For more details, please check the product description of the lens adapter or contact CameraPro before purchasing and we’d be happy to assist you.

Why Buy From CameraPro?

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