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DSLR Lenses

DSLR Lenses

Specialist DSLR Lenses for Every Shooting Situation

From dazzling astroscapes to a wild creature on the run, from the vibrancy of exotic streets to emotion that no eyes can hide. Specialist DSLR lenses exist for every shooting situation and CameraPro has the knowledge and range to help you find a lens that’s perfect for your needs and budget. We stock an extensive selection of DSLR camera lenses from industry-leading brands including Nikon, Canon, Sigma and Tamron, as well as lens adapters and converters and professional quality filters and lens cleaning essentials.

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DSLR Lens Information

Quality Lenses = Quality Photos

High quality lenses are well worth investing in. Lenses have more impact on image quality than any other piece of photographic equipment and, if properly cared for, they’ll outlast multiple camera upgrades.

Lenses & Sensor Size

Before deciding which DSLR camera or lens to buy, it’s worth understanding the relationship between lenses and camera sensor size.

DSLR cameras usually have one of two sensor sizes: full frame (36 x 24mm) or APS-C (23.6 x 15.6mm for Nikon, 22.2 x 14.8mm for Canon). Most lenses are designed for full frame sensors; others (usually more entry-level) are designed for APS-C sensors. 

Full frame lenses can usually be used on compatible APS-C cameras. Because APS-C sensors are smaller than full frame sensors, they capture a smaller—i.e. cropped—portion of the scene being photographed. The result appears as a more ‘zoomed in’ photo. (Nikon’s ‘crop factor’ is 1.5x and Canon’s is 1.6. So a 50mm full frame lens on an APS-C Nikon camera produces the same magnification as a 75mm lens on a full frame Nikon camera.)

On the other hand, APS-C lenses usually can’t work on full frame cameras, or they can but capture images with heavy black borders (known as ‘vignetting’). This is because the size of the image they capture is designed for APS-C sensors and therefore not big enough to fill a full frame sensor.

The Right Lens for the Right Job

There’s a myriad of lenses designed for different subjects and purposes. Here’s a brief guide to the different types available.

Prime lenses have set focal lengths, meaning they can’t seem in or out. They also contain fewer moving parts than zoom lenses, so they usually produce sharper images. Primes are also usually faster (i.e. can open up to a wider aperture) than zooms, which makes them better at shooting in low light and freezing motion. Wider apertures also produce shallower depth of field and more pronounced bokeh. Prime lenses are especially favoured for portrait and street photography.

Zoom lenses vary in focal length. They let you easily re-frame your subject by zooming the lens in or out rather than physically moving yourself and your camera.

With their broad perspective, wide angle lenses are the most popular choice amongst landscape and architectural photographers.

Telephoto lenses provide the longest zoom of any lens type, making subjects appear significantly closer. They’re often used by nature/wildlife and sports photographers.

Macro lenses are designed to capture small subject matter (such as flowers, insects or jewellery) up close and in detail. Due to their focal length and wide maximum aperture, these lenses can also serve as excellent portrait lenses.

Why Buy from CameraPro?

CameraPro strives to make buying DSLR lenses online or in store as simple and enjoyable as possible. We ship Australia-wide, all our products are 100% Australian stock and our friendly staff are all photographers who can provide reliable advice.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or come into one of our showrooms to try our display lenses out for yourself.