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As a major camera brand offering a great range of both mirrorless and compact cameras, Panasonic also has a great lens selection and excels in video equipment. Videographers rely on Panasonic’s range of video cameras, sound equipment and accessories to produce high quality films. With a range that extends to every type of photography style and ability, there is a Panasonic camera to suit every photographer of every level.

Panasonic is one of the biggest electronics producers in the world, headquartered in OsakaJapan. Founded in 1918, the electronics company has gone from strength to strength reaching international capacity, and opened an Australian supply chain in 1978. We have been an official supplier of Panasonic products for many years and have developed an excellent relationship with our national representatives to bring you the best products on offer, all with Panasonic Australia 12 month warranty.

In-store events and workshops

Because of our great relationship with our Panasonic representatives Australia-wide, we have the opportunity to attend hands-on training sessions to keep up-to-date with Panasonic’s latest cameras. Together with our local Panasonic representatives, we host events and workshops in store, bringing in well-known photographers and videographers such as Dave Katague to help you through your questions and give some great expert advice on taking your photography to the next level.

Variety of cameras

Panasonic has a great range of compact cameras, action cameras, camcorders, and mid- to top-tier mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras to suit a range of levels for both photographers and videographers. The action cameras are hardy and great if you want to take your camera out on travels in rougher conditions. With the added ability to film video, Panasonic cameras give you all the equipment you need in one machine.

Interchangeable lenses

With a primary focus on mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that give you the ability to swap out lenses, these are great for being able shoot in a range of settings and photographic styles. Panasonic has a wide range of lenses, from telephoto to wide angle and to macro. Being able to swap out the lenses gives you the ability to shoot macro one moment and scenic streetscapes in the next. You’ll be able to experiment with different photographic styles, from up-close portraits to expansive landscapes and everything in between.

Range of accessories

Panasonic also offers a range of accessories such as batteries and battery grips to extend the life of your shoots, remotes for wireless shooting, flashes to suit a range of lighting conditions, and microphones and microphone adapters for exceptional sound when shooting video.

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