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Lee Filters

Official Australian stockists of Lee filters

We are very proud to stock the iconic Lee Filters, crafted by hand in the UK, which is quite uncommon for camera equipment. We are one of the very few stockists of Lee filters in Australia, which makes us beam even more with pride that we have the opportunity to sell these exceptional filters to our customers.

Extensive filter range

Photographers have an extensive spectrum of filters to choose from in the Lee range. These include colour filters, warm-up filters, graduated ND filters and polarisers, offering a huge range of effects for landscape and architectural photography. The limits are endless when you have a scope of filters in your kit that give you the chance to really play around with colour and lighting, giving you the opportunity to create beautiful and unique images.From stunning sunsets and smooth flowing waterfalls, to vast cityscapes and idyllic beach scenes, Lee Filters will enhance your photography to take something beautiful and make it exquisite.  

Popular filter stopper range

Lee Filter’s popular long exposure neutral density ‘stopper’ range are made using molten glass with added colours to achieve a colour depth that reduces the amount of light that can pass through. The dye is added to the glass rather than coated on the surface, creating a natural vignette in the corners of a wide angle lens. This gives images a classic look that photographers go to lengths to achieve.

High-grade glass

All filters from Lee are made from high-grade glass and feature a special coating to reduce flare and eliminate unwanted colour casts. Hand made and self-manufactured in the UK, Lee’s resin neutral density graduated filters are made from an optically correct polycarbonate and are of the highest standard. The resin gives Lee filters a very low reflection factor, so no additional anti-reflection coatings are needed, offering an even distribution of light for exceptional optical control.

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