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Recognised as one of the most inventive photographic companies in the world, Fujifilm’s range of digital cameras cover almost every type of photographic application you could imagine. From professional studio imaging with soft lighting to under-the-sea scenes immersed in water and reflective light, Fujifilm can deal with any situation you put it in.

Excelling in colour reproduction that is vivid and enhanced, Fujifilm’s cameras are ideal to discover what you’re capable of. See what you can do on your travels or add to your portfolio of wildlife, landscapes, portraiture or action shots. With a camera to cover every stage of the photographic journey, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your photographic needs in the Fujifilm range.

Specialists in compact mirrorless cameras

Specialising in a range of compact cameras, mirrorless medium-format cameras, and  mid- to top-tier mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the Fujifilm range gives you choice to find what’s right for you. Specialising in excellent mirrorless cameras and lenses, Fujifilm gives photographers a great smaller option from traditional DSLR cameras that are perfect to travel with.

Range of lenses and accessories

With a wide range of interchangeable lenses, from telephoto, wide angle, primes and macro, you’ll have all the equipment you need to experiment with new situations. Add to your collection of landscapes with a telephoto, or get right up and close to nature with a macro. Fujifilm also supply accessories such as batteries and battery grips to extend the life of your shoots, remotes to allow wireless shooting, flashes to suit a range of lighting situations, and camera bags to carry your gear around with you.

From films to cameras and beyond

Fujifilm has a long history, with Fuji Photo Film Co. founded in 1934, producing the first in photographic films from Japan before digital was ever a thing. Now spanning internationally, Fujifilm is headquartered in Tokyo and supplies cameras and accessories all over the world. Fujifilm Australia was established in 2004 and has penetrated the market with a huge selection of leading cameras and lenses.

Official Fujifilm supplier

We have partnered with Fujifilm as an official supplier and have an excellent relationship with local and national representatives and ambassadors. We test out their new products when they become available and hold workshops with their ambassadors such as Adam Ferguson, Andrew Hall, Megan Lewis and Tim Georgeson. Our staff regularly attend training sessions with our local Fuji reps, so we’re always up-to-date on the newest products in the world of Fujifilm. As a well known company with a long history, we trust in the Fujifilm brand and the cameras they produce.

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