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BlackRapid Shot Sling Strap - Black

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  • Cross-Body Strap
  • For Right or Left-Handed Users
  • Places Camera Upside-Down Against Waist
  • Allows Easy and Fast Access to Camera
  • Nylon Webbing, 70" Adjustable Length
  • Non-Slip, 1.5"-Wide Shoulder Pad
  • Spring-Loaded Bumper Locks for Camera
  • Durable, CR-3 ConnectR Locking Carabiner
  • Bert Breathe Extension Strap Compatible
  • FR-5 FastenR Breathe, Soft Pouch

The BlackRapid 35" Shot Camera Strap is ideal for shooters that don’t want an across-body R-Strap but still want to take advantage of BlackRapid’s patented hardware and functionality. The comfortable rubber shoulder pad is non-slip, so it ensures maximum stability on the shoulder. Comes with a LockStar. The Shot strap is made from 100% high-strength polypropylene webbing measuring 1.0" wide. The shoulder pad is 10.5" long and 1.5" wide. The Shot includes a FastenR (FR-3), a ConnectR (CR-2) and a Lock Star Swivel Hook Cover. Finished in black nickel and constructed from stainless steel, the FastenR provides an easy, secure connection to your camera's 1/4"-20 tripod mount, and features a rubber washer for extra insurance. It also has a convenient quick-release system. The ConnectR is a carabiner hook with a swivel base and a screw-lock gate that clips onto the FastenR. The Lock Star clips onto the ConnectR to prevent the ConnectR's lock from becoming disengaged during use, and to keep the metal hardware from coming into direct contact with the camera body.


Features: Hangs Down from One-Shoulder, Non-Slip Molded Rubber Shoulder Pad, Durable Polypropylene Webbing 35" Long, 1.0" Wide Strap, 10.5" Long, 1.5" Wide Shoulder Pad, FastenR, ConnectR, Lock Star Included.

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