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Memory Cards

Memory Cards

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Memory Cards

Memory Cards are an essential item to purchase with any digital camera or video camera, so you can store your photos and video files as they’re created. 

Achieve fast and reliable image capture with the CameraPro's range of flash memory cards from leading manufacturers including Sandisk. CameraPro offers memory storage solutions for all major digital camera brands, along with card readers and memory card cases. 

Which Memory Card do I need?

A question we often get asked at CameraPro is ‘Which type of memory is best for my camera’? Starting with the basics, entry model DSLRs support SD cards as standard. If you’re a regular shooter you’ll likely want to step-up to the SDHC or SDXC memory card. Both are the same size and shape as a regular SD card, but offer faster read and write speeds – ideal for handling continuous shooting and HD video.

Professional cameras tend to have two memory slots – one for SD cards and the other for Compact Flash (CF) cards. Compact Flash offers quicker read-write speeds up to 90MB/s, and is generally better than SD at handling uncompressed RAW images quickly.

The latest pro cameras, take Compact Flash and Sony’s XQD card, which offers super-fast data transfer at up to 500MB/s.