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CameraPro stocks a large range of filters from leading brands like B+W, Hoya and Lee. CameraPro carries filters for both photo and video, including protective filters, uv filters, neutral density filters and circular polarising filters.

Filters protect lenses, add definition and clarity to images, and create a range of effects by blocking light at different wavelengths, or by altering the characteristics of light as it enters the camera lens. 

Filter Types

Polarizing Filters: Sorts light into a single plane of entry. Use this camera filter to reduce reflections and glare from water and glass, and to darken blue skies.

Neutral Density Filters: Reduces the amount of light entering your lens, so you can take longer exposures in daylight. Use a neutral density filter to get a smoky effect from flowing water.

Protector Filters: Toughened camera filters to help protect your lens glass against dirt and scratches.