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CameraPro is your one-stop shop for all photographic accessories. A diverse range of accessory kit is available from all major brands in the photographic industry. We even have gift cards available – ideal for the photographer who’s picky about their gear!

Accessories for Cameras and Video

Need spare batteries for your camera, or a battery charger or battery grip? We have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and battery grips from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus and more.

CameraPro also has an extensive range of bags, tripods, monopods and filters. 

Other accessories stocked at CameraPro include shutter releases for long-exposure photography, digital camera cleaning kits, and a range of directional microphones and microphone accessories for better audio recordings.

Accessories for Travel

For photographers traveling in unfamiliar terrain our GPS units are a valuable addition to your kit. We stock GPS units from Nikon and Canon. Also worth considering are our sports optics and binoculars. They’re a great piece of kit that will help you make the most of your surroundings.