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What our customers are saying
4.68 stars (113 Google reviews)
  1. 100%
    A nifty tool every photographer should have.
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  2. 100%
    Cool camera
    Cool looking camera sturdy enough to carry all my photography gears.
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  3. 93%
    Great Mirrorless Camera
    Like any other Fuji cameras, X-T3 takes superb images and videos that never cease to impress me. It is a lightweight camera perfect for street and travel photography. With the right lens, this camera can outperform the latest models and brands.
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  4. 100%
    Photos always make me smile
    The Canon EF 70-300mm Lens is an impressive lens that never fails to take stunning portraits photos even in a distance. Looking at my shots always make me smile and satisfied.
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  5. 87%
    Good Enough Bag
    A good camera backpack that carries a lot of my gear. Pockets and dividers make my things packed properly and organized.
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  6. 93%
    Quality lens for street photography
    Love this lens's versatility! This is perfect for portraits or street shots even in a low light setting. This is highly recommended. Grab one if you have the chance.
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  7. 87%
    Light Camera Perfect for Travel
    My wife and I love bringing this camera when on a road trip. It is light and user-friendly and works as fine as any other professional cameras.
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  8. 100%
    Reliable Memory Card
    This is my go-to memory card for my cameras and can accommodate even 4k videos
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  9. 100%
    Superb Image Stabilisation
    Love the powerful image stabilisation. Perfect for my travel and adventure photography. Thank you CameraPro!
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  10. 100%
    Best Camera for the Pro
    One of the best mirrorless cameras I have tried. Its high-performance autofocus is perfect for fast-paced photoshoots.
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CameraPro Basecamp

We are here to provide tools and inspiration to all photographers, so you can develop your craft and reach new summits. Basecamp offers a wide range of exclusive benefits, from curated content to workshops, discounts and other exciting rewards.

Our Environmental Commitment

CameraPro’s mission has always been to do things better – not just for our customers, but also our planet. That’s why we’re committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future.

Our office runs on solar power, we use only recyclable packaging in our deliveries, and we compost or recycle as much waste as possible.

We also actively contribute to causes that we believe in. Thanks to our Basecamp Gold members, we’re helping Carbon Neutral to plant thousands of native Australian trees.

And through our annual Explorer’s Grant, we proudly enable Australian photographers and filmmakers to tell stories and support initiatives that make a difference.