Hands on with Leica M at Photokina 2012

Having an opportunity to get hands on with Leica’s new M camera this morning at Photokina, it is fair to say that this was a case of love at first sight. The Leica M heralds the much anticipated release of the latest addition to the M range of cameras, highly speculated for many months as […]

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The Countdown Begins! PhotoKina 2012

Photokina is the world’s largest imaging event, held every 2 years in Europe. This year promises to bring with it many exciting new announcements from the leading manufacturers in the marketplace. CameraPro’s director Jesse Hunter will be over there attending the event, and will be sending through snapshots of the event as they occur. “Photokina […]

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The 2012 Nikon AiPP Event

Set amongst the beautiful Hunter Valley landscape, the 2012 Nikon AiPP Event drew to a close, leaving over four hundred further educated, further inspired and just lightly hungover professional photographers behind. As apart of their continuing professional development, photographers participated in their choice of workshops and presentations, liaised with other industry leaders and had a chance to to […]

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Prime Portrait Lens Buyer’s Guide

Portrait photography is one of the biggest and most recognized forms of photography. Magazines, newspapers, news websites, interviews and more all feature portraits of prominent, nefarious and controversial figures. Because portrait photography is so common, there are obviously a large selection of lenses to suit. There are also many different ways to shoot a portrait. […]

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Lighting Systems Buyer’s Guide

Arguably, the most important aspect of photography is lighting. How a scene is lit defines the mood and message of any photo. Simply adjusting the lighting can drastically alter the conveyed message. You can make a happy portrait look quite sinister, simply by adjusting the angle of light. Many photographers like to use “available light,” […]

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Compact System Buyer’s Guide

Compact camera systems are becoming more and more prevalent, especially as they become more intuitive and powerful. There are a wide range of Compact Camera Systems now available, Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Ricoh, Fuji. These systems have exploded in popularity in Japan and Britain, but have taken a while to gain popularity overseas. In […]

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